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Coding Habits

5 Coding Habits That Can Downgrade Your Computer Science Assignment

27 Jul 2022

7 minutes


Bad habits die hard and even harder until you don’t realize that the habit is the root cause of the failure. The same is the case with the students pursuing a computer science course as well. As per the latest survey of a prestigious university, it was concluded that more than 70% of the student lose their valuable marks in the computer assignment due to their poor coding skills. Our computer science assignment help experts believe that writing code is similar to fixing a jigsaw puzzle in which each and every part should be interlinked with one another to produce a complete picture. In simple terms, writing a computer program requires sharp skills to make it more readable and self-explanatory. This write-up highlights 5 coding habits which are cause behind the poor marks students get in computer science assignments. Keep scrolling to know more.

5 Coding Habits That Are Ruining Your Grades

1.Poor Optimization of Code: Students generally use all the tricks of the trade to compose a computer program and include it in the assignment as it is. They never bother to optimize the code and therefore, lose marks on the ground of optimization. Optimization can be considered as a technique to improve the code, making it use fewer resources, such as CPU, memory, etc. It increases the performance and the speed of the code in particular, and of the system as a whole. This is one of the main things checked by the professor as soon as he sees the code. Thus, it becomes necessary to win his heart. Wondering how to optimize the code? Read our experts’ tips.

Experts’ Tips:

  • Learn the basic concepts of algorithmic complexity and database query evaluation.
  • Implement an optimization technique only after analyzing and exploring the entire system.

2.Warning! Wrong Tool in Use: “Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world,” in the same way, a right tool, such as a tool kit or a programming language will further help you achieve an A+. Let us understand it with a simple scenario:

You might be a good coder but that should not stop you from learning new languages and trying your hand on different technologies. Every coding problem can be done in numerous ways and therefore, it becomes your responsibility to choose the best one.

Experts’ Tips:

  • Understand the problem of the computer science assignment and then decide the language or the tool that can help you with the answer quickly.
  • Be open to try different approaches and never take decisions on the basis of what you know.

3.Error Messages? Ignored: According to our online assignment help experts, students often ignore the error messages and later spend hours to rectify it. This approach, on one hand, proves to be time-consuming and on the other hand, hampers the complete coding process. Examining the program to rectify the mistakes will take many hours of the day without getting a fruitful result. Also, a flaw in a coding section will restrict you to apply the logic in the subsequent sections. Well, let us see what our experts have to say about this coding habit-

Experts’ Tips:

  • Stop pretending that you will easily find the mistake in your code and rectify the errors as soon as indicated.
  • A good approach is to draw an outline before beginning the code as it will lower the percentage of committing errors.

4.Stop Using Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V: The Internet is full of bogus coding platforms which include codes with bugs. Students having insufficient time often land themselves on these platforms and blindly copy the codes & paste it in the computer science assignment. And, when the professor run such codes, the flashed message ‘ERROR DETECTED’ is enough to change the grade from ‘A’ to ‘F’. Moreover, for checking the authenticity of the academic paper, the professor use online plagiarism checker. If they will find that your content is copied, they will surely give poor grades.

Experts’ Tips:

  • You can refer to many codes related to your assignment problem but never use them as they are. You can understand the complete code before drafting one on your own.
  • While taking assignment writing services, make sure you are provided with 100% ownership.

5.Unreadable Code: Okay, get one thing in mind- your professor is the one judging your coding skills, so make sure that your code is easily readable and clearly explains the logic behind the code. Moreover, follow a step-by-step approach while writing the program along with maintaining a strong relationship between different modules of the computer program. The flow of the code should be continuous and include all the library files that are linked with the source code.

Experts’ Tips:

  • Use comment lines to explain the logic behind a line of code or to indicate the variable declaration.
  • Don’t forget to initialize and declare the variables at the starting of the program. This will help the professor relate to the program more effectively.

This brings us to the end of the blog. Reading so far, you must have known some of the bad coding habits as explained by our assignment help professionals. Therefore, stay away from these habits if you want to fill your performance sheet with excellent grades.

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