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Discursive Essay Writing Explained

How to Write a Discursive Essay? [Tips, Topics & Ideas]

25 Jun 2022

12 minutes


Students have to be cool as a cucumber while writing a discursive essay. Sometimes, they confused while writing, as they are unable to differentiate between argumentative and discursive essays. They have to understand the concepts and reasons for writing different types of essays. A discursive essay is all about writing qualitative and quantitative content on the given topic, but they must be aware of how to take a side. Many students struggle in writing a compelling discursive essay and fail to get an A+ grade. To submit the flawless document, they look for references about how to write a discursive essay. Are you also thinking of the same? If yes, then read this blog as it contains tons of information that will help you write an alluring and professional discursive essay.

Let's have a look!

What Is a Discursive Essay?

A discursive essay is a process of describing different sides of an argument to find the correct one. It is all about discovering the truth through exploring various arguments. Students often look for, “How to do my essay in discursive style?” While writing a discursive essay, you have to explain all the sides of the arguments. It helps the reader understand your viewpoint and the reason behind it. You have to include all the evidence which supports your statement to persuade the reader.

Well, discursive and argumentative essays are both different. In the "discursive essay", you have to prove your opinion on the different sides of the arguments to create a crystal clear vision. In an argumentative essay, you have to convince or persuade the reader to understand the opposite side of the argument to support a new viewpoint or a thought. Also, you have to pick one side and argue on it only. Both the essays hold a different place in terms of writing.

To get the best grades in the academic paper, you have to take one-by-one steps. So, after knowing about what is a discursive essay you have to know about its format. To have a clear understanding of the discursive essay, let's jump to the next section. Follow the given outline to ace the academic paper.

Structure of Discursive Essay Explained

Every academic document has its own specialty and format. In the same way, a discursive essay also has a predefined structure that you have to follow to get the best grades. In terms of other essays, a discursive essay is more formal and impersonal.

Well, the format of a discursive essay is the same as the other essays. It mainly includes:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Let's know about the format in detail.


The best way to start the introduction of a discursive essay is to use a hook in the first sentence, and it must be crisp and definite. You have to set the particular tone and prepare the reader to read the content of your essay. You have to ensure that it isn’t too wordy or informative. Give an overview providing slight information so that the reader can be familiar with the topic. Give some key points that you are going to discuss in the body paragraphs. End the introduction by giving a strong thesis statement that highlights the significance of the topic. It will help you retain the reader till the end.


There are three body paragraphs in a discursive essay. If you are discussing both sides of the topic, you have to use alternate order. One for favor and one for against the argument.

Make sure that every paragraph describes the separate idea of the essay. Do not forget to explain the main idea at the beginning, you have to include the argument between the paragraph and supporting evidence in the end. Make sure that the piece of evidence you take is from credible and authentic sources.

In the last paragraph, you have to write all the possible opposing arguments, and along with that, you have to include your counterarguments. You have to prepare all the counterarguments with thorough research. Ensure that all the points are strong and valid enough to answer every counter-question. Select all the points very smartly and include them in the content so that the reader finds them interesting.


Last but not least, here comes a laconic conclusion. You have to start it by writing the summary of the body paragraphs. Put your eye, especially on the arguments and pieces of evidence. After all this, you can give your personal opinions and express your thoughts regarding the subject. The conclusion is totally different from the introduction, so you have to give a brief and ensure not to argue with the tone and content of the discursive essay. 

While writing the discursive essay, you must ensure not to destroy the opponent's thoughts. Always use separate paragraphs for different arguments, due to which the reader will grasp your viewpoint smoothly, and the chances of creating mess will also decrease.

After you have perceived the minute details of the structure of a discursive essay, you have to know about the topic and ideas. Let's take a look at the coming section that is all about the ideal and popular discursive topics.

25+ Discursive Essay Topics Begin Your Essay!

A compelling and interesting discursive essay totally depends on the topic. If your professor has given you a discursive essay writing but not the topic, then you have to find a topic in a way that attracts the reader and retain him. Well, if you are unable to do so, then no worries! This section consists of powerful essay topics that you can consider or take inspiration from.

Let's have a glance.

  • Is smartphone doing more harm to the academic students?
  • Give your opinions on the "award ceremony are becoming more diverse."
  • What are your viewpoints on the statement - professional sports are not healthy for the young age generation.
  • Is it true that the government should control the diet?
  • Instagram blogging considered as a profession or not?
  • According to you, the sports should be mandatory or not?
  • Should prisoners have a right to vote or not?
  • How to stop underage drinking without altering the legal age?
  • Share your opinions - video games do not make children more violent.
  • Should Monarchy be eliminated from the world?
  • Driverless cars are more dangerous. Agree or not?
  • Are superhero movies a wastage of time?
  • Are school uniforms another way to charge extra money from the parents?
  • What are the pros and cons of social media among students?
  • What is the impact of civil rights movements on nations in the world?
  • Women athletes must have only women coaches?
  • What are the ways to keep self-control in academic life?
  • Is social media the best way to relieve stress?
  • Is technology a blessing or curse? Give your viewpoints.
  • What are the long term consequences of technical devices on humans?
  • Should music be banned in the world? Is the youth adopting the wrong approach through it?
  • Should electricity and water be free to some extent? State your views.
  • Should we use non-renewable energy resources? Share your opinions
  • What is the impact of climate-changing and global warming?
  • Should the government implement strict punishment for criminals? State your views.

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