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Proven Techniques on How to Create the Best Title for Your Assignment

30 Dec 2023


You all must have heard the English idiom, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but in reality, it is the first thing which we notice while buying a book. In the same way, the title of your assignment is the first thing noticed by the professor. According to our online coursework writing service providers, if the title doesn't seek the attention of your professor, then sadly you will lose half of the battle towards academic success. Yes, you read that right. In general, a title should attract the eyeballs of the professor and at the same time, should give a glimpse of the theme of your academic paper.

According to a survey, 65.2% of the students agreed that half of their time is spent in creating a title for the assignment. If you are also among that 65.2 %, then this blog will surely help you big times. The main motive behind writing this blog is to make students aware of the different techniques that they use while creating a title of the assignment. Grab a cup of coffee and keep scrolling!

7 Techniques to Design an Impressive Title

Here are the useful techniques that you can practice for finalizing a tempting title-

1.Ask a Question:

The first technique in our list is ‘Ask a Question' technique. We, the humans, are the most curious living creature on this planet and therefore, this technique is your match made in heaven. You can frame the title in a question format and wait for the professor to continue reading it. This method has helped many students in getting an A+ and if followed properly, you can be the next.


Dull Title: Ways to Get Rich.
Catchy Title: “Do You Know That Following This Trick Can Make You Rich?”

2.The Solution Technique:

It is a human tendency that whenever we switch to Google for a solution, we search with the keyword- ‘How to.' All you have to do is to implement the same strategy here. Begin the title of your assignment with ‘How to' and see the magic. This technique has two advantages- one, it is informative and second, it will briefly explain the theme of your academic paper.


Dull Title: Upgrade Your Assignment Grades
Catchy Title: How to Upgrade Assignment Grades?

3.Resort to Listicle:

This technique is currently topping the popularity charts for all the good reasons. It is a type of write-up in which the major points are presented as a list (just like this blog). Moreover, it is one of the most precise forms of writing which is easily readable. According to our online assignment writing experts, it is a good technique for the students who want to specify multiple points in the assignment.


Dull Title: Famous Destinations Around the World
Catchy Title: 9 Famous Destinations to Visit Before Death

4.Use Lesser Known Fact:

Including interesting facts in the title is surely going to urge the professor for a read. Furthermore, follow this technique only when you have strong research skills as you would be required to trawl through several sources of information for gathering the lesser-known facts. Moreover, make sure to check the authenticity of the fact as the Internet is filled with bogus information.


Dull Title: The Number of Australian College Dropout Is Increasing.
Catchy Title: 3 Out of 10 College Students Are Dropout. Know Why?

5.The ‘Why' Technique:

The human brain is most stimulated by the word ‘Why' which makes this technique as one of the best ones to craft a perfect title for your writing task. In general, humans always have an urge to find the motive behind the action. For instance, the fall of an apple on the head of Sir Issac Newton urged him to know the reason and later gave the principles of gravity.


Dull Title: Music Increases Learning Power
Catchy Title: Why Music Helps in Increasing Learning Power?

6.Choose a Controversial One:

The easiest way to raise many eyebrows is by forming a title which is against the majority opinion of the people. But there's a catch here, this technique will prove beneficial only when you have enough arguments to support the credibility of the title. Thus, it is the tricky one, so ensure that you are all well-equipped with qualitative and quantitative information.


1.10 Reasons Why the End of the World Is Near
2.Why Do Girls Cheat in a Relationship?

7.Clickbait Titles:

The era of social media has given a boom to a new technique, known as clickbait. This type of title is composed of several adjectives along with the use of some slang words, such as shocking, omg, etc. The main aim of this technique is to disguise the audience through misinterpreted information so that the reader click the title instantly. However, this technique should only be used when a student has supportive claims. Absence of claims will give the feeling of being cheated to the reader.


Dull Title: Is It a Good Choice to Opt for Assignment Writing Service?
Catchy Title: Shocking Truth About Assignment Writing Service That No One Will Tell

This brings us to the end of this blog. Reading so far, you must have learned some of the best techniques for creating an impressive title for the academic paper. So, what are you waiting for? Choose any of the tricks and compel the professor to give you a sure-shot A+.

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