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Understanding Greenhouse Effect: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Know It All About the Global Phenomenons We Are Fighting Now!!!

Greenhouse Effect

Melting Glaciers!!!

Floods! Droughts! Cyclones!

The last few decades have seen some of the major natural disasters that have caused a disastrous amount of casualties. Every news channel, magazine, and what not talk about the the “GLOBAL WARMING” and “GREENHOUSE EFFECT.” And if the world talks about it, your teachers need to do that too. If you are pursuing a course in environmental science, your professor would have asked you to prepare a paper on the topic. It could be you know the basics, but preparing a high-scoring document is difficult. No worries, the experts at Instant Assignment Help are here to provide environmental science assignment help. They suggest that a lot of us are blaming the phenomenons for all the disasters, but it is important that before reaching to any conclusion, we get a clear idea about these.We’ll be beginning with Global Warming.

What Is Global Warming?

A lot of solar energy is directed to earth’s surface and only a part of it is radiated back to the space. Due to this imbalance, the surface of earth is being heated up more than required. This phenomena is defined as global warming.

Thinking Why Global Warming Has Increased?

Well, here is the major cause. In the good old days, the heat received on earth was radiated back in a balanced amount, but these days due to increase in burning of fossil fuels and pollution, a lot radiation is trapped. And thus, increasing the temperature to unexpected levels.

Global warming and greenhouse effect are inter-related. They move hand in hand. Now that we know global warming, let us see what greenhouse effect is all about.

What Is Greenhouse Effect?

In simple words, greenhouse effect is absorption and redirection of the gases in all directions. To be more specific, when the infrared rays of the sun hits the earth’s surface, they are absorbed by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Then these gases re-emit the radiations that increase the temperature of the surface of earth.

Well, years ago this wasn’t as bad as it is now.The phenomenon holds a great importance in sustaining life on earth. If there was nothing like greenhouse, the temperature would have been 33 degree higher.

The Advantages of Greenhouse Effect

1.Savior, It Is

The greenhouse gases act as a blanket around earth’s atmosphere. It keeps the earth trapped and does not let the harmful radiations hit the surface. The Ozone layer absorbs the UV rays from the sun, thus making earth a safer planet for us. The greenhouse gases save us from the harmful high wavelength radiations that damage our eyes and health.

2.The World Is Not Freezing

The world is blaming the greenhouse effect for the melting glaciers, but we need to thank it for maintaining these glaciers. It is the greenhouse effect that has restricted the freezing to polar caps only.

3.Economic Growth

Humans have utilized the greenhouse effect artificially to grow plants even in off seasons. The out of season crops play a major role in the economy these days.


Another advantage of the solar radiation reaching the earth in this amount is the reusable energy that we are generating from it. It helps us save a lot of traditional energy and keep the environment clean. Solar energy contributes to 20% to 30% of the world’s reusable energy.

Enough of the good talks...

The greenhouse effect is definitely important for our sustainable development but we need to lower the effects NOW!!! It is causing disastrous effects on the environment. Some of them are listed here.

The Disadvantages of Greenhouse Effect

1.Natural Disasters

The world has seen a significant increase in the number of natural disasters in past few years. It is due to melting glaciers, shift in tectonic plates, changes in the water current, and unexpected rise in temperature. Hurricanes and cyclones have been a big threat in past few decades.

2.Climatic Change

The world is facing a sudden shift in the natural climatic cycle of a lot of regions that is disturbing not only the lifestyle of the place but also the economy. Untimely rains, hottest summers, unexpected snowfall, hailstorms, and what not. We need to take steps to let things be in line or the repercussions would be disastrous.

3.Marine Life Destruction

The ecosystem in general is suffering a lot. A lot of marine species are on the verge of extinction and the population for some has shown a significant decline. It is important we realize it is high time to save the planet, at least till we find a planet “B” for our sustainability.

The cute penguins and polar bears are leading the list. SAD!!!

The Story Does Not End Here...

There are a lot more things that we have faced in the last few years. If we do not mend our ways, the results would be disastrous for us. We need not work on these a lot, but we have to keep a check on our conduct at least.

Simple Steps to Follow

  • Avoid personal vehicles as much as you can to ensure there is a cut in pollution level.
  • Afforestation  
  • CFLs can help you save the planet earth.  
  • Switch off the appliances when leaving a room.
  • Always reuse, recycle, and reduce.

And, in the End...Don’t Panic.

We can still save the planet with the little steps. Just make sure each of us are doing our bit to save the planet. Our children need to read about the efforts we did to save the planet instead of how we almost brought it to the end.


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