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Responsibilities of Human resource

6 Core Responsibilities of HR Managers in an Organization

20 Nov 2023


Table of Content

HR managers were once responsible for hiring potential candidates, handling basic data work, and routine record keeping of employees. But their role evolved, and today they perform a variety of duties - from serving as the liaison between employee and the organization and handling all aspects of employee management to coordinating the proper functioning of departments and guiding the administrative tasks of the company.

Our HR assignment help experts have discussed the critical responsibilities of human resource department in detail below. Take a read:

1. Recruiting Potential Candidates

Recruitment has been one of the principal responsibilities of HR managers. It is also the first pillar of HR management that every HR professional starts with. From screening resumes to scheduling interviews and hiring new employees, they take care of the entire recruitment process. To recruit potential candidates for a required job description, they use mass communication mediums, aggregate all responses, filter out irrelevant applications, judge suitable incumbents, and finally coordinate internally to conduct their interview.

2. Employee Training and Development

HR managers implement training programs that teach new and current employees job-related skills that are necessary to meet the challenges of the new job. The training and development sessions also boost employee development and prepare aspiring leaders for management-level roles. They also make new employees aware of the company's fair employment practices. HR department also coordinates orientation which is an essential step in creating a strong employer-employee relationship.

3. Performance Management

Performance management is a process through which HR managers plan, monitor, and review an employee's work objectives and measures whether his/her efforts meet organizational goals. They build tools which focus on the performance of an organization, a department, employee, or even the processes to create a product or service. To make sure employees achieve their objectives and career goals, HR managers continuously assess their progress and provide them with valuable training and feedback.

4. Appraisals

Human resource managers carry out timely performance appraisals which motivate and encourage employees to work to their fullest potential. HR professionals give feedback to employees on their work and suggest the necessary measures to meet the company's goals. This provides employees a clear view of what is expected of them and what they are delivering. Thus, they can work better towards enhancing their performance and achieving targets. HR department should create a system to reward employees excelling at their work to garner a higher degree of productivity and employee engagement.

5. Employee Relations

The major responsibility of human resource department is to deal with the employees of the company. An HR manager helps the organization achieve high performance, morale, and satisfaction levels among employees by strengthening the employer-employee relationship, and also works toward building connections with the employees. HR professionals also encourage employees to open up about their problems regarding the working culture of the company and share their views on how the employer can sustain good work relationships.

6. Safety and Risk Management

An employee can work to the best of his potential only when he is provided with safe working conditions. HRM is responsible for maintaining accurate work logs & records and developing programs that reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities. HR managers take necessary measures to ensure safety in the workplace and also encourage the entire workforce to spread awareness about the same.

So, these were the central responsibilities of the HR department in an organization. If you too wish to work as an human resource manager, then you should acquire all the essential skills and become competent enough to achieve the overall goals of the company.

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