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Role of nurses in healthcare

5 Reasons Why Nurses Are Vital to the Healthcare System

05 Jul 2023

5 minutes


Nursing is often perceived as the most trusted profession that is concerned with safety and recovery of acutely or chronically ailing or injured people. The professionals working in this field are often regarded as the heart and soul of the healthcare system since their contribution is endless. They don’t only administer and evaluate treatment of patients but also provide them comfort, stability, and invaluable emotional support. Moreover, nurses place a high value on their relationship with their patients.

All these responsibilities make nursing one of the most demanding and challenging professions. We asked our nursing assignment help experts to share their advice on how nurses play a crucial part in healthcare and boiled it down to five points that are mentioned below:

1. Administer Medications and Observe Patients

When a patient is under observation, it is important to examine his vital signs to determine his health status. It is the duty of nurses to check on patients at regular intervals and monitor everything from oxygen delivery and respiratory & pulse rate to the level of sedation and blood pressure. Nurses also administer their medication and give them the necessary information over the same to ensure better health and speedy recovery.

2. Counsel Patients and Provide Them Health Education

Studies have found that health is a biopsychosocial condition which means that health problems cannot be treated alone by medication. They also need motivation and guidance as well. And that’s what nurses do. They encourage and assist patients in making their health condition better and provide them with self-management tools. They also promote public health and provide necessary information to people on the prevention of diseases.

3. Offer Emotional and Psychological Support to Patients and Their Families

Emotional support has been proved to be beneficial in lowering the stress levels of patients as well as their physical symptoms, such as pain. Nurses are the ideal individuals who evaluate and address the emotional and psychological needs of patients and make a significant difference in how they deal with their health problems or injuries. They also counsel a patient’s family through everything from explaining a chronic condition to coping with death and dying.

4. Conduct Research to Improve Patient Outcomes

Apart from providing a wide range of patient care, nurses also play an integral role in improving patient outcomes and nursing practices by conducting various researches. Since nurses are curious, think critically about their patients, and strive to provide the best treatment to their patients, they are best suited for research. As new information is always coming to light, many healthcare settings encourage nurses to get involved in research to build a solid foundation for high-quality, evidence-based nursing care.

5. Assist Doctors During Medical Procedures and Surgeries

Nurses don’t only hold importance in healthcare when it comes to assisting and taking care of patients but also help doctors during medical procedures. No matter they work in a hospital, office or any other clinical setting, doctors rely on them up to the hilt that they will provide patients with the best care. Nurses discuss a patient’s condition with doctors and offer their advice on better methods of treatment. Nurses also inform physicians of other issues that patients don’t want to talk about, such as personal and family problems, embarrassing symptoms or side effects, etc.

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All these points prove how nurses play a crucial part in the medical community. As they participate in designing the future of healthcare, their role will expand, and their importance will increase even more. If you wish to make a significant contribution to the healthcare community, then you should pursue a career in nursing. In case you are already into this course and need help with assignment writing, Instant Assignment Help is here at your doorstep to provide you with the best writing assistance. With us, you can be assured of top grades in your academic documents. So, contact us today to make a better career tomorrow!

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