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Unit 9 Enterprise Assignment Level 4


Enterprise use to be more accurate as well as modern in nature with a time flow. It is really necessary for enterprise to understand about contemporary themes which linked with a work. Some themes are linked with the aspects of diversity, equality, market survey, ethical dilemmas etc. all these require to support as well as managers of organisation understand effectively for managing accurate as well as proper work (Brough, Chataway and Biggs, 2016). This will used to define as well as describe about contemporary themes for a new restaurants named as “Zizzy World”. Basic improvement is going to describe in associated and better way for working in a suitable as well as better options.


Ethical dilemma which occur with a business field, accounting or law

A enterprise either it is small or large used to face various challenges problems or issues within the work as it is used to understand by the managers of enterprise effectively so that supportive as well as better working can be accomplished. Hence, sometimes they have to face various ethical dilemmas which mainly raised within a field of enterprise as well as can be linked with law or legislations aspects of working also. Zizzy have to open a new chain of restaurant whom have to approximate like ethical dilemmas effectively for its work which assist an modify management properly and accurate steps to get out of typical issues.

Ethics are the basic norms and values of enterprise on which management accomplish their work concentrating on dilemmas refer to such conditions either both are right or wrong along with that manager have to adopt one or whether require to estimate it so that properly as well as better techniques can be drawn (Collins, 2016). Various types of ethical dilemmas which are faced by Zizzy World when they begin their operations:

  • Workers legal and behaviour problems: Some workers behaviour is unethical sometimes is used to support. Such behaviour might lead to enforce person to face certain legal considerations or problems. Hence, managers have to face certain accurate and ethical considerations as per some problems effectively which have to overcome with issue by drafting accurate policy. Thus some problems can be raised on the basis of religion, gender etc.
  • Workers working situations: Another dilemma which have to face by organisation or restaurant at a time of beginning is working situation. A small firms have limited finance by which they can give salary or can improve their workplace of an company. It is also connected with a working of restaurant “Ziggy World” where manager use to understand as well as estimate that they have to choose from one option or require to give both. Therefore, it also aid in making a ethical dilemma for enterprise along with its working which resist as well as enable then to work effectively. This problems require suitable as well as accurate techniques to deal out with such constraints (Deacy, 2017).

Their are certain type of ethical dilemmas which linked with as well as used to make assumptions by Zizzy World in accurate and better way. It will might use to resist working in organisation as it used to understand by enterprise effectively with creating of suitable as well as accurate strategy.

Appropriate approaches, plan how to organise market research for a new restaurant

A concept or restaurant need suitable as well as accurate marketing research so that better and effective delivery of goods used to get delivered. In order to collect data or survey from various sources, there are two major approaches and strategies used to get support by Zizzy World. First one is primary approaches and another is secondary source of data. Hence, restaurant is using a secondary collection of data along with that they create a plan which help in conducting a investigation effectively for a “Zizzy World”:

  • First step, is of plan which determine market trends which can be gain by distributing as well as better analysis as it is suitable for journals analysis, internet study and others applicable considerations. Thus, it will also stand about suitable as well as appropriate location which is accessible for beginning restaurant.
  • Second step, consideration is to determine as well as evaluate about the level of competition of business. A main thing which require to involve in the planning of documentation is to review all major competitors of enterprise which support as well as suppose to define things in proper and better way. Therefore, this study or step enable in deriving major rivals so that techniques can be crafted on the basis of such competitors (DeLuca, LaPointe-McEwan and Luhanga, 2016).
  • Third step, study of enterprise effectively as it consider profits or not. This modify that enterprise managers have to evaluate in some business is profitable or not for operating as well as operations environment. Industry have to involve this study aspects and determine major locations as well as competitors. Therefore, it defines as a third phase of market analysing study linked with a food domain (Donner, 2016) (Huehls, 2016).
  • Once the managers of enterprise perform as well as complete their major aspects of working effectively such as value as well as section enterprise proportion only at some course when they found like business is earning profits or not. Zizzy World have to ascertain their goods cost according to their competitors analysis which use to fulfil their major value of goods as well as services. It will aid in better opportunity of growth for gaining a competitive edge also.

This plan of study require to follow by the managers of restaurant so that they can able to deal with the area of marketing for a long time consideration. This will impact on influence as well as working section competitive advantages and estimate of higher profits as well.

Examination of equality and diversity cases and develop a policy for the new restaurant

In modern era, discriminative actions taken by any firm then it may be possible that they will face penalties and fine. As government has already made laws and regulations which should be taken under by organisations so that proper environment can be maintained at workplace. Zizzy World's managers or leaders can develop policies through which both equality among men and women can be done as this may aid in hitting targets in much more effective ways. Previously it has been located that companies use to judge employees according to their colour, religion and so on. A case which has been located in United Kingdom where, BBC used to hire male candidates instead of women (Newman, 2016). Therefore, it is must for administration of Zizzy World to locate every single area in which they can face discriminations and so on. Along with this, in previous years business people who have owned a restaurant used to hire men more rather than other women as their workers as they are much productive at workplace. Thus, it is vital for Zizzy World to take all actions through which risks can be minimised that are related organisations profitability and productivity. Policies should be planned by management of Zizzy World in order to enhance their reputation at marketplace which may aid them in grabbing attention of consumers.

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Zizzy World's management should keep on making alterations in their policies so that interest of employees can be kept for a longer period of time. United Kingdom's government has made an act in 2010 which helped firms in reducing discrimination among both men and women. This helped government in raising economical growth of United Kingdom. There are some other laws as well which should be considered by Zizzy World in an appropriate manner so that employees can work in an appropriate manner for a longer period of time this may aid them in hitting targets in much more effective ways. Some of acts are health and safety, equal wages and so on (Wilkinson, Redman and Dundon, 2016).

Zizzy World, had already implemented all laws that are related to actions through which it has helped them in achieving all the goals and objectives that has been desired by them.

Referring to legal theory, advise a client who has been arrested for credit card fraud

It has been located that there are ample number of problems which can be faced by a credit card holder. Therefore, it is must for the adviser to locate all laws and regulations through which any penalty can be reduced to zero that can be faced by holder. A case which has been examined in United Kingdom where a person got arrested as he/she did not paid his/her bills of credit card in an appropriate manner (Equality case studies, 2018). There adviser should adopt a theory which may aid client in reducing penalties which can be charged by federal government of United Kingdom and this can be Identify theft attorney that include ample number of steps:

  • Use of stolen credit cards
  • Stolen of PIN number of banks
  • Mail fraud
  • Money laundering

United Kingdom's law is much strict therefore, if any fraud which has been done by a person may get imprisoned for almost 30 years. The theft attorney policies should be examined in an appropriate manner which may aid adviser in giving suggestions to its clients. With the help of this, adviser should consider all laws and other documentations through which they can reduce amount of penalties. Such legal policies used to follow in an appropriate and suitable manner of fact for deriving better outcome.

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Accounting models and apply these to a struggling business

For strong sustainability at market place it is essential for new and old ventures to use appropriate accounting models and apply them. With the help of them, desired goals and objectives can be attained in short period of time as well as it may aid in enhancing reputation, goodwill at marketplace. In this context, there are some models which are related to finance that may aid in hitting targets in much more effective ways that are related to raising funds and so on:

  • Budget model: Planning is much required at every single place of working. Therefore, it is must for firms to finalise a blue print and takes action according to it. Along with this, they also need to fix the time for every single actions so that organisation do not waste both time and money and fulfil needs and wants of consumers. Making a Budgetary plan may help firm in achieving both short and long term goals which do not cost much or excessive to them. Therefore, this type of model can aid in various ways where a business man can run a struggling business in an appropriate manner (Van Niekerk, 2017).
  • Initial public offering model: In modern era, it has been analysed that most of struggling business man has taken under this model in order to sustain at marketplace for a longer period of time. Along with this, it has been analysed that there are ample number of models which may aid firm in doing business at domestic level where they can expect good profitability margins. Thus, such aspect enable in deal out the things properly and in better and effective frame.

These couple of models which has been discussed above could be utilise by the struggling business properly which further facilitate in determine the effective and better results which support in overall future growth and certainty of operations as well.


It has been examined from above report that there are ample number of contemporary themes that should be consider by new ventures in order to pull out all the favourable outcomes. Along with this, it has been located that there are many ethical dilemmas that should be understood by new venturer's managers in order to hit their targets in much more effective ways.. Away from this, inspection should be done of accounting and financial models in an appropriate manner as they are the one which helps firm in sustaining at marketplace for a longer period of time.


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