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How to Write in Cursive?

Embarrassed About Writing? Here's How to Write in Cursive!

17 May 2021


Cursive writing is a technique of writing that students learn in their 1st or 2nd grade. All the students, whether studying in colleges or schools, must have a good grasp on cursive writing. It is a style of penmanship where characters are written and joined, creating a smooth flow of writing. Generally, it is used to write swiftly and smoothly in their day-to-day academic life. Many students face difficulty at first while learning this writing and raise a question like- How to write in cursive? In this blog, students are going to get a lot of answers regarding their different problems on cursive writing. To get all these benefits through this blog, kindly use your eagle’s eyes and keep your sharp mind open till the end.

Step-by-Step Guide to Learn Cursive Writing

Many UK students struggle in writing cursively and want to know the answer to their question- how to do cursive writing easily? In this part of the blog, students are going to get a step-by-step guide to develop cursive writing skills inside them. The guide is:-

Start with Alphabets – It is a good idea to start with the alphabet first for cursive writing learning. It was taught in school before the computer age had begun, but nowadays, it is taught through typing, which makes it difficult for students to handwrite it. Many students who have a question, how to write cursive handwriting?’ can also start with this step and begin learning alphabets in cursive writing.

Learn Lower-case Letters – After learning how to write alphabets cursively, it's time to learn lowercase letters from the alphabets in cursive writing. The easiest lowercase letters to start your learning are- b, f, h, j, k, l, i, o, e, p, n. 

Learn Upper-case Letters – In the third step, students need to learn upper-case alphabets. Usually, uppercase letters are more difficult to learn compared to the lowercase, but if you have patience and skills, you can easily learn them. The first uppercase letters to learn, which can easily be understood and memorized by students, are- C, E, G, L, O

Choose Your Font – Various fonts can be used by students for cursive handwriting. Students can even develop their own cursive handwriting font for use. Some of the attractive cursive writing fonts are - Allura, Blackjack, & Caballero.

Do Regular Practice – Anyone can learn how to do cursive writing, but to be an expert in writing, students need regular practice. Everyone had heard that practice makes a man perfect; some think it as a foolish statement, but it is true, practice can really make work anything. 

This the step-by-step guide to making students learn how to write cursive handwriting? With the help of these steps, anyone can learn it easily. 

Many UK students also need tips and tricks to learn writing cursively. To help those students, the next part of the blog presents simple and easy tips & tricks to learn writing cursively easily & beautifully. 

Learn to Write Cursively Easily [TIPS+TRICKS]

  • Always go with the lowercase letter first when you are just a beginner.
  • Use a cursive writing working sheet to practice your writing.
  • Remember to write cleanly when you are practicing it.
  • Avoid writing too fast and don’t overdo it.
  • Practice movement exercises to enhance your ability.
  • Use line paper when you are practicing cursive writing.
  • To make learning easier, organize your working sheet and practice material effectively.

These are the tips & tricks to learn to write cursive alphabets easily and beautifully without facing any difficulties. With the help of these, anyone can improve their cursive writing. 

Now it’s time to solve many UK parents' issues. Many UK parents have a question in their mind like- how to teach cursive writing to their children? Nowadays, schools don’t focus on teaching cursive writing to primary students, which often raises tension in parent's minds. To help those parents, here is the easiest way to teach cursive writing to their child.

How to Teach Cursive Writing?

  1. Introduce one cursive letter to the kid, one at a time.
  2. Begin with teaching lowercase cursive letters.
  3. Teach uppercase cursive letters. 
  4. Make your child copy simple sentences in cursive writing.
  5. Make him copy simple paragraphs after they have learned coping sentences.

With the help of these steps, any parent can teach their child how to write cursive letters, sentences, and paragraphs.

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