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Unit 7 Brain Injuries Assignment Level 5

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“To analyze the implication of that arises through brain injuries and its impact upon children and young people”


1.1 Overview of the Research

Brain injuries are serious problems that a person may have in his/her life. brain injuries can result in bruised brain tissue, bleeding inside the brain, large or small lacerations in the brain, and nerve damage due to shearing forces. The brain can also experience a number of secondary types of damage, like swelling, fever, seizures, or an imbalance of neurological chemicals. A traumatic brain injury may either be a penetrating injury or a closed head injury. Penetrating head injuries occur when an object, like shrapnel, enters the brain and causes damage in a specific area. Closed head injuries occur when there's a blow to the head, which can happen during a fall, car accident, sporting event, or any number of different ways. Brain injury (TBI)occurs when external physical forces cause damage to the brain, whether from impact, penetrating objects, blast waves or rapid movement of the brain within the skull. Currently, TBI has three severity classifications (mild, moderate, severe) that are based primarily on the Glasgow Coma Scale. The classification of mild TBI also includesconcussion, commonly defined as a transient alteration of brain function due to exposure to external physical forces. While acute TBI can be life threatening, TBI also can have long-term sequelae includingcognitive and physical disability,post-concussion syndrome(PCS), and may contribute to the development ofchronic traumatic encephalitic (CTE).PCS results when various symptoms of concussion last weeks, months or more than a year following concussion. CTE is a delayed neuron generative disorder that results from repetitive mild injury to the brain and can only be diagnosed postmortem. These injuries are very harmful and sometimes may cause to death and main injury that leads to death of a person is brain hemorrhage. In this modern firm people are working and due to conducting their work, individuals carries some stress that is to be resultant into many injuries and diseases that are linked with brain. There are very useful and prominent medicines are available in medical market in order to deal with this kind of heal issues that human beings are facing in their busy life. Main purpose of conducting this kind of research program is to carried out investigation upon impact of brain injuries on mostly children and young people whom are more energetic and enthusiastic and real manpower of a country. Growth and success of a country depends on total population of young people in nation because these are persons whom are responsible for conducting business objectives in order to make higher earnings. These types of health issues hamper daily life of a person. Whether medicines are present in marketplace but on the other hand, dealing with these sorts of handling are very difficult task. Aim of conducting this research program is to analyzing implication of that arises through brain injuries and its impact upon children and young people.

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1.2 Background of Research

Brain injuries are some type of health issue that is related with mind. There are several method and by taking aid if this, HSC can main their composition and extensiveness. Main objective behind selecting this topic is to identify what are the brain injuries that are harming human life on wider level. HSC is focusing on solutions of this kind of health issues by understanding level of impact of issues or personal as well as professional life of a person. HSC was an industry that is present in market from very starting point of emergence of countries in world because universe comprises people and population gets hampered due to this type of diseases. In an organisation which is having sufficient number of employees and if any of the staff member is having this kind of injury like memory loss then consequently will be converted into negative aspect of life. Medicines that are available ion market are not useful but not successful in curing these injuries in most effective manner.

1.3 Significance of Research

This research program is based upon impact of brain injuries on children and young people from population. Main goal of conducting this type research is to make study upon influences of brain injuries and how it will increases rate of diseases in human life of specially children and young people whom are main numbers of working population those are counted in conduction of business activities in most appropriate manner so that intelligent task accomplishment could get done. Main result of these brain injuries are major health issues like paralysis, hampers accomplishments of business operations in strongly negative manner also. This research is effective in identifying present status of brain injuries that are affecting life of human beings and HSC has to take strict actions and decisions upon it.

1.4 Research Aim

It is a most fundamental section of a research program because this section provides adequate direction to research function and all investigating activities revolve around this. Main purpose of conducting this research event is to recognise implications of brain injuries and its effect upon life and health of children and young people. This section is also fruitful in serving more relevant and accurate outcomes so that HSC could make efficient decisions in order to remove brain injuries specifically, from society. The essential aim of this research report is “To analyze the implication of that arises through brain injuries and its impact upon children and young people”. A case study on HSC.

1.5 Research Objective

This is elaborated as results which are sought by investigator at last of research procedure. This section comprises, what the researcher will be able in achieving at the end of research program. Research objectives are small statements which are prepared in order to find why investigation is being conducted. Some research objectives are stated as beneath:

  • To identify different type of illness related to brain injury which has a huge impact on children and Young people.
  • To analyse the causes that create brain injury among young people and children.
  • To determine the drawbacks of brain problems on individual health.
  • To measure the impact on brain injury on individual's health, family and society.
  • To recommend various ways through which the cause of brain injuries are reduced.

1.6 Research Questions

This segment is divided into a significant query section that must be asked to a set of sample size in order to collect data or this is defined as portion of questions that researcher wants to address while running research program in marketplace. This segment is interconnected with research objectives part and also depends upon it. There are some set of questions that are described as further:

  1. How to identify different type of illness related to brain injury which has a huge impact on children and Young people?
  2. How to analyse the causes that create brain injury among young people and children?
  3. How to determine the drawbacks of brain problems on individual health?
  4. How measurement of impact on brain injury on individual's health, family and society could get done?
  5. Present the recommendations on various ways through which the cause of brain injuries are reduced?


Identify various types of illness relates to brain injury which impact on child and young people. There are various types of brain injury which directly or indirectly impact on young people and children. It is broad class of brain injuries which are genetic nor acquired during birth

and it is typically identified as traumatic and non traumatic. This injury produce various variety of symptoms that range from moderate to severe. There are two types of brain injuries which are

described as follows:

Traumatic brain injury – It is one of the leading brain injury with least 1.7 million people sustaining such injuries in each year. There are around 52000 people who died in their injuries which are mainly caused by car accidents, falls, blunt force trauma and sporting injuries (Rutter, 2013).

Non Traumatic brain injuries – TBI refers to physical trauma, not psychological trauma.

So non traumatic brain injury can be bit as emotion challenging as traumatic one. They are mainly demand for proper treatment to the young people. There are various other injury which can caused by such factors that are as follows:

Infection – It can occurs with the help of some process. Infection such as spreads through blood to the brain, damaging brain tissue. The brain injury make it easier for bacteria forgetting into the brain and this will create major disease among people.

Tumours – All the brain Tumours are cancerous, but even Tumours can cause due to brain damages. For removing the Tumours it can face issues, but brain surgery is risky which undertaken in better manner.

These types of brain injuries are directly or indirectly affect on young people and children at outside places. This will create bad impact on child such as disrupt normal development in term of languages and speech, reduces learning memory, behaviour, balance and coordination. On young people, this brain injury are effect on long time period and sometime they are disabled in some cases.

Analyse causes which create brain injury among young people and children. There are various cause which create brain injury among youngsters and children. The one of the most common cause is accident, fall, etc. as this result they are suffer from harm or damage. The risk of brain injury is higher among young people and twice as frequent in males rather than female members. It can analysed that brain injury are more general in the spring and summer month time period when children are mainly active in outdoor activities and they are play at outside with their friends or family members. It includes ridding bicycle, inline skating, skateboarding. The one of the most common time which are associated with brain injury that is late in the afternoon to early evening hours and some weekends. When there are direct blow in the head, shaking of child, the bruising the brain and damage to the internal tissue and blood vessels due to this mechanism. Brain injury have wide ranging physical and psychological effects (Watson, 2012). There are certain signs and symptoms which may appear immediately after traumatic events while others may appear in days or weeks. Young people and children have brain injury which directly impact on their life and family members. There are some cause which affect by brain injury such as headaches, sensory problems, confusion and similar symptoms. Among child with traumatic brain injury are as change in eating habits, easily irritate, persistent crying and inability to consoled, change in ability to pay attention and change in sleep habits. The brain injury is generally caused by blow or other traumatic injury to the head or body. The level of harm or damage can depend on various factors that includes the nature of injury and factors of major impacts. It will generally impact on person human nature, behaviour, attitude and headache. This can create and make disease which does not impact on other person who are live with them.

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Determine drawbacks of brain issues on individual health

There are various drawbacks which directly affect on person health that are described as


Physical issues – Most of the people with TBI are able to walk and use the hands of children who are around 6 years old after injury. In some cases, the physical difficulties does not protect from independent living such as work and driving. It will impact for long time period, it may reduces the coordination or producing weakness and create some issues with balance (Haider and et. al., 2012). For example, an individual who have TBI that may create complexities for playing sports and they did before the injury but after injury he can not proper stand.

Cognitive problems – It will create issue by reduce the memory, concentration, remembering power and events. They are also unable to switch to different task or work while having certain difficulties. They may have some speech and language problems, such as trouble identifying the right word and understanding with others. After brain injury, an individual many have difficulty or trouble along with complex cognitive activities and functions which is required to be independent and competent in all over the world. The activity is known as functions which help in executing for being change in their life.

Emotional or Behaviour problems – Firstly, the change can come directly from harm or damages to brain issues or some problems. It is totally clearly state that injuries which control and manage the emotion and behaviour. Cognitive issue may lead towards emotional changes and make them worse. It will help in understanding that most of the people along with TBI have creating strong emotional reactions to the main life changing that can cause by the injury. The brain injury is generally caused by blow or other traumatic injury to the head or body. The level of harm or damage can depend on various factors that includes the nature of injury and factors of major impacts.

Measure the impact on brain injury on person's health, family and society. There are various types of brain injuries such as brain Tumours, meningitis, encephalitis traumatic brain injury and epilepsy to name but the difficulty which are faced by society and family members.

On Person's health – This is negatively impact on human mind which damage the whole brain functions and activities that are create very difficulties or problems for them. It will directly impact on head of human body where they think and make new ideas after brain injury they are not able to think more and make long term discussion with their friends and family members. It will create bad impact on health of human body which can reduces the memory and brain power.

On family members – There are some family members which acquired brain injury would disagree. This will effect on each person who feel this pain of brain injury. Family members change their behaviour towards patient who suffer from this disease. Brain injury is different for some other situations which directly affect can sudden (Corrigan and et. al., 2012). Family may have adjust to enormous changes or alterations in every circumstances at very short time period. Some family members are try to recover them to this incident and help that person who are impact by this, so they are make him feel happy or stress which reduces the pain of an individual head. Parents may face tough time which trying to get the best services or facilities for their children which comes with their personal share of stress and tension.

On society – This type of brain injury create bad impact on persons society and community where they are live before this specific incidents. It will create difficult impact on society person behaviour, attitude, nature are change with suffering person who affected with this problem.

Various ways by which cause of brain injuries are reduced

There are various ways by which brain injuries are reduced in proper manner that are

described as under:

  • Better training and coaching of various games which help an individual for freely stressful and tension. After that they required to feel free with any type of issue during playing some game or sports.
  • The injured person should taken proper treatment regarding their health and make possible solution for eliminating their disease among them. So it is another method and way by which they are reducing the brain injury (Viner and et. al., 2012).
  • They need to take care of himself with dangerous things or equipments which may cause brain injuries such as stone, accidents, etc.
  • This brain injury impact on head so they can protect their head from safety and security things which can directly affect on human mind and headaches. It will help in preventing an individual from dangerous and harmful material in proper manner.
  • They do not shake with child, install window guards for keeping children from falling out to open windows. They need to wear helmet during play games and sports.
  • Avoid falls by using step-stool when reaching for high items and products in the home.


This is considered as one of the most essential part of the research process as here only the investigator prepares various types of plans which will be implemented at the time of conducting research (de KIEVIET and et. al., 2012). This will be very effective for the investigator as through this they will be able to conduct the research process in a proper manner. In this, the researcher also introduces various types of tools and techniques which will be effectively used in the process. In this part, various factors are required to be determined and all these factors forms a very important part of the research process.

3.1 Type of Investigation

While conducting the research process, the researcher is having various options to choose the type of research they want to apply in this research. The investigator is required to analyse various types of research and the one which is most appropriate will be chosen by them. Basically there are two types of research namely Quantitative research and Qualitative research. In Qualitative research, the information is being collected as well as depicted in theoretical manner and focus was given on quality whereas in case of qualitative research, the data is being collected by the researcher in numeric manner. It is dependent on investigator that which method is being considered as more favourable for them.

3.2 Research Design

There are various types of research designs which can be applied in the research process. Through this, the investigator will be able to understand the research process in a effective manner. The investigator is required to choose the research design they want to apply in their research process and their decision will be final one (Eikenes and et. al., 2011). Normally, there are three types of research designs which can be implemented in a research and these are like exploratory research design and Casual or experimental research design. In the current research process, exploratory research design will be chosen by the researcher as here qualitative research will be conducted.

The other research designs are also effective as in descriptive designs, an issue is explained and then its solutions are also given in a proper. This is also considered as purposive study. Various types of researchers are making use of this type of research as it helps in analysing data in a proper manner.

3.3 Research Philosophy

This is also considered as an important part of research process as here various ways are being described through which the data can be collected, analysed and used in an effective manner (Jonson-Reid, Kohl and Drake, 2012). Therefore, in this part of research process; the main communication is about gathering information through various sources which includes writers, experts, guides etc. Basically there are two types of research philosophies which are normally being implemented in a research process which are like Interpretivism and positivism. As per the current research, the investigator is implementing Interpretivism research philosophy. Through this, the researcher will be able to implement the research process in a corrective manner and in appropriate direction as well. It has been chosen by the researcher since they are implementing qualitative research in their research. Also, the investigator is required to analyse the nature and its role on humans then only it will be selected. Therefore, the investigator will have to use all of its knowledge in knowing the feeling of human being and their role in societal environment.

3.4 Research approach

It is also an essential part of research process as by implementing this; the investigator will be able to conduct all the activities in an effective manner and will be able to derive effective results as well. The various types of research approaches that can be implemented y the investigator in their research process are inductive and deductive research approach. So, in the current research project, the researcher will be implementing inductive research approach because the investigator thinks that it will be more appropriate for their project. In this, the resher will be allowed to implement the research process by collecting corrective information and it will also be used by them further in their project.

3.5 Data sampling

In this part, the researcher has finally been collected from the sample respondents. The investigator has been using random sampling method for selecting the sample respondents (Maugans and et. al, 2012). Normally, a large population is being taken on by the investigator for selecting the sample respondents and these are the people who will be acting as a representative for the large population. Therefore the sample size selected here is of 30 respondents and these people will be asked few questions about the aim of the research through a questionnaire. There are two types of sampling technique which can be implemented in this research and they are probabilistic and non-probabilistic approach. Here, Non-probabilistic (goal-directed) method has been taken.

3.6 Data Analysis

This is regarded as one of the most crucial process which is implemented in a research process as here the data collected has been analysed and interpreted so as to know the results of the research process (McCauley and et. al., 2012). It is considered as significant because the data which has been collected should be analysed as well then only it will be useful otherwise it will not be considered of any use. Data Analysis can be done in two forms which is Primary and Secondary source. In this research, primary source is being used to do quantitative analysis and secondary will be used for exploratory.

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3.7 Ethical Consideration

It is very necessary for the researcher to execute the whole process ff research in an effective and efficient manner as then only they will be able to derive good results from it and complete the aim and objectives. By following all the rules decided for them will lead to implementing all the activities in an appropriate manner and gaining the desired results as well (Rosenfeld and et. al., 2012). While conducting the research process, there are various kinds of issues which are being faced by the researcher. Therefore, it is the utmost responsibility of researcher to make sure that all these issues are being resolved and the research is being conducted in an effective manner. Also, the investigator is required to keep all the information related to the project confidential. Therefore, they are required to follow their ethics.


4.1 Conclusion

From the above conducted research, it can be concluded that brain injuries are a very severe type of injury which is caused to a person in various cases like fall down from height, accidents etc. There are so many kinds of brain injuries which can be caused to a human being and they are like Hematoma, Hemorrhage, concussion, Edema etc. It has been found out that brain injury is often termed as invisible disability and there are no signs and physical symptoms of this disease. So,, the various kinds of changes that are being seen in an individual who is suffering from a brain injury are like:

SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS- This is a very common factor which appears after a brain injury. In this, various tactics are being implemented so as to make the person remember their name and important things as well.

POOR CONCENTRATION AND ATTENTION- In this, the person is not fixed on one task and keeps on changing. They become rude and lazy as well.

SLOWED RESPONSES- Here, the person is not able to give quick responses to the questions that are being asked to them. They are not able to intake too much information at one time as well.

So, these can be considered as few implications that are being caused to a person who is suffering from a brain disease. Therefore, these kinds of patients are required to be kept under extra care so that they can recover soon and also they should be recommended to brain specialist’s doctors as well so that they can treat them appropriately.

4.2 Recommendations

According to the research report, it can be recommended that if any individual is suffering from any kind of brain injury then they should go and see a doctor as fast as they can so that that their injury can be cured on time otherwise the patient may lose their life as well. There are various types of treatments that are available for treating the patients of brain injury. The ways are like medications, surgeries, therapies, specialists etc. It is recommended that the patient should adopt that treatment which is best for them so that they can get cured as soon as possible. The patients should be given the environment in which they feel comfortable so that they behave in a proper manner and doesn’t get irritated. Their food and other habits will also need to be changed and proper care is required to be taken so that appropriate results can be seen in a person.


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