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Unit 3 Automation Assignment

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Automation in the Modern Business era

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To ascertain the effectiveness of automation in the modern business era and its influence on enhancing organisational sales and growth. A case study on Auto Trader, UK.


Overview of the Research

Automation refers as creation and application of technology as to control and monitor the production and delivery of products and services. Industrial automation is the utility of control system like computer, robots and various information tools in order to managing different processes and machineries within an organisation in regards to replace human efforts (Jaques, 2017). In the modern business world competition is so high at market place and organisations are widely concern on developing their performance and productivity through implementing innovative tools and ideas. Automation is a crucial term which helps the firm in managing their workforces by establishing innovative systems and machineries, this create value in reducing human efforts and generate higher growth. Auto Trader Group Plc is the chosen organisation for this particular research work. It is a automotive trading company which deals via internet and mobile. The major motive of Auto Trader is to expand their business operations through implementing automation tools and technologies within the work place.

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Background of the Research

Automation is consist to be an essential element which is widely used in different sectors such as manufacturing, transport, utilities, defense, facilities, operations, lately and information technology. Auto Trader Group Plc is a automotive classified advertising organisation. The company mainly deals in new and second hand automotive sales, involving cars sold through private sellers and trade dealers (Davila, Epstein and Shelton, 2012). The company was establishing its business operations in the year of 1975 by the John Madejski. The major concern area of firm is to implementing automation within work place as to making their production more effective and innovative in nature. In the modern world the basic purpose of each small as well as large business enterprises is to managing their business performance through implementing automation within the work place.

Rational of the study

The research into consideration is based on the effectiveness of automation in the modern business era and its impact on developing organisational sales and profitability. The major purpose of research is to providing a wide area of knowledge in some specified areas which helps an individual in attaining growth in their future purpose (Leeflang and et. al., 2014). The reason behind selecting the particular topic is that it consist to be the major issue which has a direct influence on the growth and productivity of firm.

Research Aim

The exploration Point depicts the objective which are to be master through endeavour of this examination. It is depicted to give a system to be considered amidst significance of centres for the examination. The essential aim of this particular research is “To ascertain the effectiveness of automation in the modern business era and its influence on enhancing organisational sales and growth”. A case study on Auto Trader, UK.

Research Objectives

This comprise to be the best piece of research venture which depends on the exploration issue. The examination targets are shaped in light of point worked for the examination. Some essential objectives of research are described as under:

  • To identify the concept of automation and its advantages for business growth.
  • To analyse the core factors that forces an organisations to implement automation within business processes and operations.
  • To evaluate the impact of automation on the cost structure of the Auto Trader.
  • To determine various tools which are used by Auto Trader for implementing automation within the working environment.

Research Questions

Research questions are an endeavour through which objectives are to be replied. The importance of demand makes it less demanding to gather data which is profitable in seeing lastly accomplishing objectives for the examination. The examination ask for this examination are as indicated by the going with:

  • What is the concept of automation and its various advantages for business growth?
  • What are the core factors which forces an organisations to implement automation within business processes and operations?
  • What are the major impact of automation on the cost structure of the Auto Trader?
  • What are the various tools which are used by Auto Trader for implementing automation within the working environment?


This can be resolved as the best piece of research project which helps the analyst in directing a top to bottom research venture as to drawing a powerful research result for the predefined zone of study (Rozdolskaya and Ledovskaya, 2015). It is the most fundamental bit of the examination wander. The researcher gathering information and data through various resources and complete them in the work. The master recognize the contemplations and insights of makers which are related to the wander and subsequently examine the feeling and contemplations of various makers and endeavour to propel them.

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The concept of automation and its various advantages for business growth.

Automation is described as the process which is effective in developing organisational performance and productivity at market place. It defines as the use of machines and technology to create processes as to run their business operations through reducing manpower. As per the views expressed by Ruth Thomas, 2014, business organisation it is essential for Auto Trader to implement automation in their operations and production functions in order to developing its operations and performance at market place. There re various benefits of automation for business growth in which some are described as under:

Faster turnover time: Automation is effective in completed the business process in desired period of time. Automation helps in reducing the factor of time since it allows the firm to completed their task simultaneously. Unnecessary tasks are responsible to increasing the time which cause issue in completion of task in given period of time (AF Ragab and Arisha, 2013).

Tracking, monitoring and reporting: The major objective of each business organisation is to monitor their business operations in order to attaining higher growth and success at market place. Automations are effective in managing and monitoring business operations in appropriate manner without applying any kind of manual efforts.

Workload is decreased: Organisations faces various issues due to their manually completed work, which takes long time in completion of organisational activities. Automation create sense to reduce the manual workload of workers to effective utilisation of their skills and focuses on their core competencies.

The core factors which forces an organisations to implement automation within business processes and operations

As per the views expressed by Mathias Kirchmer, 2017, in the modern business era constantly changing business environment various opportunities and challenges occurs every day which often drive by the all recent digitalisations. In the modern business era competition is so high at market place and it is necessary for an organisations to implement automation in respect to maximise their business operations in effective manner. It is essential for Auto Trader to establish new and innovative automation tools as to developing the performance of firm at market place. There are various core factors an organisation to implement automations within business processes and operations are described as under:

Competition: This consist to be the major factor which has a direct influence on the performance of firm. High competition create force on firm to implement automation within firm as to creating benefits for firm (Wang, Cooke and Huang, 2014).

Innovation: This also considered as the major factor which compel an organisation to use new and advance ideas and processes as to making their self stand out and providing high competition to their rivals. As a large service industry it is essential for Auto Trader to implement innovative technologies and tools in enhancing the profitability of firm through producing more effective goods and services.

Customers satisfaction: Buyers are considered as the key element of market as the growth of firm are based on increasing the profitability of firm at market place. Auto Trader is focused on grabbing the attention of buyers through offering them variety of products and services at market place.

The various tools which are used by Auto Trader for implementing automation within the working environment.

As per the views expressed by Hanssens and Pauwels, 2016Automation technologies like machine and software are effective in learning and robotics plays an effective role in developing the performance and productivity of firm at market place. Auto Trader is deals in online automotive sectors and offers variety of products and services as to fulfilling the desires of people at market place. There are tools which are adopted by Auto Trader for implementing automation within the working environment in which some are described as below:

Information Technology: This consist to be the essential element of firm which helps the firm in managing the appropriate flow of data and information in appropriate manner. Communication is must as completion of organisational activities in desired period of time.

Social Media: This is the most used tool which is applied by organisations as to creating awareness among people about the offered products and services of firm at market place. In today's scenario people are usually spending a huge amount of time of social media tools as to be connected with others. This is the most appropriate source of attracting people towards the firm or its products.


An exploration technique is worried about different kinds of plan for the aim of organization an examination. It is an exceptionally fundamental piece of the exploration as it sets out the strategies which have been chosen to lead investigate in a legitimate and additionally successful way. This piece of research is essentially worried about utilization of various kinds of apparatuses through which an exploration can be directed in a powerful and additionally proficient way.

Type of Investigation: The sorts of investigation can be antithetic, it is the commitment of the exploration to choose the kind of examination in view of his judgement. There are two kind of research. Subjective research and Quantitative research (Choi, Chow and Liu, 2013). The decline and flow research depends on the subjective strategy in light of the fact that, in this extraordinary actualities and also figures are being considered to reach to conclusion in a compelling and in addition proficient way.

Research Design: This consist to be the most essential part of research as this part provides an appropriate blue print of the research as to implementing all activities in effective manner. This sort of methodology is based on three major types such as descriptive, exploratory and experimental research design. In the present research project descriptive research design has to be taken into proper action by researcher as it helps in drawing effective outcome for qualitative research.

Research Approach: This area can be sorted among two noteworthy segments, for example, inductive and deductive research approach. In the present research venture inductive approach must be made into legitimate move as it is compelling in aggregating suitable outcome and result. With the true objective of complete of this examination, inductive research approaches is considered as a result of its propriety with subjective research outline. The data gathering in this undertaking emphasizing on making a theme and plan of hypothetical structure which is helpful in driving examination.

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Data Collection: This comprise to be the most fundamental piece of research venture as it helps in collecting fitting and substantial result for the exploration work. It is fundamental for specialist to accumulate information and data through different sources. This part is based on two sort of methods such as primary and secondary source of data collection. In the present research work both the methods are significantly applicable in research as primary method is effective in conducting survey and secondary source is effective in comparing the view point of various authors and writers.

Ethical Consideration: It is a standout amongst the most basic part of directing a specific research. An analyst goes over different sorts of issues and in addition viewpoints while directing an exploration. These issues should be tended to in a successful way. These are to lead look into in a proper and compelling path and in the given time span. While leading the examination a specialist assemble information of respondents, which is very individual in nature and, it is the obligation of the analyst that such information might not be spilled to anybody as it, and ought to be utilized just for the reason for which it is acquired.


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