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Strategic Leadership

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Essay on Strategic Leadership

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Strategic leadership and practices are the techniques that are used by managers and leaders in order to set appropriate future goals for an organisation. It is very important for all the business entities to implement best leadership style at workplace so that workers get motivated and their work quality can be enhanced. If managers are not involving employees in decision making process then they get demotivated and their engagement in work also get decreased (Carter, Ulrich and Goldsmith, 2012). The organisation which is selected for this report is United Nations. It is an intergovernmental business entity responsible for international security and peace. It was established in year 1945 and its headquarter is in New York City, United States. In this essay various topics are going to be discussed such as anatomy of the top management team within United Nations and strategic decision making process of the organisation.

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Anatomy of the top management team of United Nation is divided in to three different parts such as personal, accountability and strategic organizational leadership. All of them are used by the leaders of organisation in order to successfully conduct operational activities. Personal leadership can be defined as the style and ability to utilise and develop own positive skills in order to guide subordinates. It will help to motivate the workers of the company and result in increased employee engagement in organisation's operations. United Nations is an intergovernmental business entity which is responsible for establishing friendly relations among nations. The leaders of the enterprise needs to enhance their personal skills so that they can influence all the subordinates to accomplish all the tasks successfully. Main responsibility of leaders in United Nations is to cooperate with workforce and involve them in decision making process in order to increase their involvement in executional activities. All the individuals who are part of top management group of the organisation are highly intellectually curious and bright.

As the organisation is performing social activities hence the leaders needs to be socially aware and also try to increase their network in order to be aware of all the issues and activities that may harm world safety. In personal leadership the individuals may lead from inside out which will result in enhanced control on operations (Personal Leadership,2019). The skills that are required in this anatomy of management are positivity, motivation, creativity, trustworthiness, delegation, responsibility and feedback. It is very important for all the leaders to have such skills so that all the tasks can be completed easily and successfully. This type of leadership is essential for organisations like United Nations as it can help to fulfil all the requirements appropriately. Various issues are faced by the enterprise while executing operations these are political horse trading, unwieldy organisation, unreliable funding. To overcome all the challenges the top management need personal leadership so that the problems can be dealt in effective manner.

United Nations is concerned with gender equality, food protection, human rights, climate change, disarmament, terrorism, humanitarian and health emergencies, sustainable development etc. To perform all the these activities the organisation requires higher engagement of workers which is possible if top management is trust worthy, motivating, cooperative etc. As the top management is implementing personal leadership because it may help to establish good relations with staff members which is beneficial for whole enterprise.

Accountability leadership is also used in some departments of United Nations by top management group in order analyse that all the activities are performed in appropriate manner or not (Accountability Leadership,2018). In such type of anatomy executives try to figure out the results of the actions that are taken previously for the betterment of the enterprise. It is very beneficial for the leaders as well as the work force because their actions and activities are analysed so that it can be assessed that all of them are performed ethically or not. An accountable leader takes responsibility to question the processes and decisions that may shape their organisation. It helps them to find best best ways to attain all the predetermined goals. This type of anatomy helps to eliminate the time and efforts that are spent on the distracting activities. Leaders in United Nations make their subordinates accountable so that they can analyse all their steps that are taken by them.

When an issue take place then such type of leadership helps to find the cause and the wrong actions that have been resulted in the problems. It is very important for top management of all the organisations to use such type of anatomy at work place in order to get surety of success. It is very beneficial for United Nations as it may guide to take appropriate decision for future and also help to analyse that organisation is going to attain success or failure in upcoming period. Accountability leadership style is very advantageous for the enterprise because the expectations can be met with the help of it by determining that effective steps are taken by the management or not. It can be improved by conducting conversations on regular basis with employees and other members of the organisation because they may provide impressive suggestions to strengthen the position (Strand, 2014).

This type of anatomy helps to enhance performance of the organisation and individuals who are working there by evaluating their actions and efforts to complete tasks. In United Nations a specific process for accountability is followed by the leaders. It is divided in various steps that are collecting relevant information, determining relevancy level of gathered data and evaluating result of actions (Phipps, 2012).

The last anatomy of United Nations is strategic organisational leadership in which the top management group form effective strategies in order to achieve higher level of success. While trying to enhance performance and engagement rate of employees then leaders have to form best decisions so that work force get motivated and work hard to attain organisational goals. Different types of benefits can be provided to them according to their requirements (Strategic Leadership,2019). These are monetary and non monetary incentives and rewards. It will increase their satisfaction level and also make increment in involvement rate of them in organisation's operational activities. The main objective of such type of anatomy is to set long term vision and make plan to reach the same. Aim of United Nations is to develop friendly relations all over the world and to achieve it, top management needs to formulate policies and guide the employees to follow them. It will result in attainment of goals and objectives that are set by the leaders previously for betterment of the enterprise.

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Strategic organisational leadership refers to the efforts of managers that are made to enhance overall performance of the company and successfully completion of business activities. In United Nations top management also use such type of leadership in some of the departments which are responsible to formulate strategies in order to strengthen the position of the enterprise.

Strategic leader of United Nations is responsible to boost the motivation level of employees and enhance productivity of them. Different types of incentives and rewards are also provided by them to the workers according to their performance. Both of them are the best methods of motivating the staff members. For all the business entities it is very important to appoint a person who works as a key part and try to figure out the ways that can be used to ignore losses and problems such as insufficient funds, conflicts among team members etc. There are various types of qualities that are required to be a strategic leader. These are focus, passion, risk taker, innovation and effective communication. All of them may help to overcome all the challenges and issues that may affect performance of the organisation.

The strategic leader will act positively in all types of situations whether they are favourable or adverse. There is a particular process which is used by top management group of United nations in which various steps are included. First of all enterprise's mission is assessed in order to be strategic. Then a proper vision is created and strategies are formulated in order to reach the same. At last the formed policies are going to be implemented in order to achieve organisation's long term objectives (Anatomy of strategic leader,2018). Anatomy of strategic leader can be understood with the help of following diagram:

Anatomy of strategic leader, 2018

(Source: Anatomy of strategic leader, 2018)

From the above picture it can be analysed that anatomy of strategic leader is being divided in to five steps hierarchy. It described that such leaders are made not born as they learn from their life experiences and the critical situations that are faced by them in their life. It is very important for them to take appropriate actions in problems so that they can make the organisation more successful. In United Nations they are responsible to find best ways in which all the issues can be dealt in effective manner.

Strategic decision making process can be defined as the steps that are taken by the top management for the betterment of the organisation. There are various types of leaders in United Nations with different types of characteristics who are following different leadership styles. These are visionary and managerial leadership style (Carter and Greer, 2013). When an entity is having such leaders who are following both of them then it may result in strategic leadership style. The visionary leaders are also called as dreamers who develop long term visions for the organisation and also form strategies to achieve all of them. There are three different qualities that such types of leaders have. These are risk taking, listening and taking responsibility. It is very important for them to take risk because it is interlinked with profitability and success. It is not possible to achieve growth without making changes in the methods that are used to operate business. Another quality is listening in which they listen to the top management, employees, subordinates, and team mates in order to form best decision. If a leader is not having this attribute then it is not possible to make appropriate strategies for business as various opinions are required to form impressive policies. Visionary leader in United Nation take responsibility of all the steps that are taken by them previously so that their success and failure can be measured (Donate and Pablo, 2015).

Managerial leaders are not liable to form strategies and plan for organisation and set goals. They are concerned with the assessment process of day to day activities that are performed by staff members. The main qualities of such leaders are honesty, communication, focus, confidence and creativity. All the skills guides them to establish good relations with the employees so that effective communication can be conducted with them. It helps to determine their issues and challenges that are faced by them while performing operational activities. In United Nations this type of leadership is followed by top management in order to achieve success and growth.

When both types of leaderships are implemented in an organisation then it become strategic leadership in which appropriate strategies are formulated by leaders for the betterment of the enterprise. Characteristics of all the leaders influences decision making process. There are five different steps that are followed by the top management of United nations while forming strategic decision (Dubey, Gunasekaran and Ali, 2015). These are identification of problem, analysing cause of issue, developing alternative solutions, evaluating and selecting best alternative and the last step is implementation and feedback. For example, as United Nations is facing various problems that are outdated structure, unreliable funding, political horse trading etc. First of all leaders of the organisation have tried to identify the problem by evaluating the critical situations that are taking place (Goetsch, and Davis, 2014). Conflicts among employees were continuously increasing within the organisation and the leaders have analysed that the problem is outdated structure. Next step which is required to be taken by the leaders to make appropriate decision is to figure out the reasons for the issues which is conflicts among employees because the structure which is followed within the enterprise is not appropriate. When the cause is determined then different alternatives are formulated to resolve the problem. The solutions that are analysed by the leaders are using new structure and modifying the old structure. Now the top management have to choose the best option from all of them. If a new structure is implemented then end number of changes are required and if the existing one is modified then a few changes will be made (Hoon Song and, 2012). The second option will be the right choice for the organisation as it can help to reduce the work load of leaders and also help to save time. As the best alternative is chosen by United Nations now the leaders have to implement the chosen option and analyse that it will be beneficial for the organisation or not.

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The decision which is taken by United Nations is to modify its existing structure so that the issues that are taking place due to outdated structures can be controlled. Skills of top management group may influence the decision making process as it helps to find out the best solutions that may help to overcome the business problems (Latham, 2013). Members of top management such as leaders and managers have different characteristics that are taking risk, creativity, responsibility, motivation, focused, experience, propensity, expertise etc. all these skills guides them to form best decisions so that all the problems can be dealt appropriately. When the leaders are focused they used to find the best possible solution for the issues that are faced by the organisation. As United Nations was dealing with the problem of outdated structure and then members of top management group has followed the appropriate decision making process which has helped them to find best option from the alternatives.

If the leaders does not have such qualities then it is not possible for them to deal with business issues. It is very important for all the strategic decision makers to have some specific characteristics in order to make plan for the betterment of the organisation (Lewis, M. W., Andriopoulos, and Smith, 2014). When an individual is having a specific position in an enterprise then expectations of directors and other top authorities get enhanced from them as they have practical knowledge and experience. At the time of problem it becomes more important to find more then one alternative to deal with a business issue. It is essential for the leaders of United Nations to be able to find the ways in which problems of business can be dealt appropriately. When a leader is not able to figure out the solutions for the challenges that may affect operational efficiency.

When a critical problem affects overall performance of an organisation then it is the main responsibility of the top management to take appropriate action and analyse solutions so that it can be resolved. Strategic leaders in United Nations have a liability to supervise all the employees inside and out of the organisation. They have various different types of roles such as motivator, manager, controller etc. that they have to play while performing all of their responsibilities. As appropriate decision making is required to overcome business problems and to form effective strategies impressive skills are required. When United Nations was facing the problem of outdated structure of the organisation then the leaders have figured out the best alternatives and one of them is chosen. The decision was taken with the help of qualities of them as proper focus, experience and creativity is required for the same (Mahdi and Almsafir, 2014).

In United Nations different types of leadership styles are followed and their combination results in strategic leadership. It is very beneficial for the organisation because leaders who are highly experienced and skilled will find the best way to motivate the subordinates and team members. A well developed management structure was formulated by them and them it was implemented so that problem can be resolved. If the decision makers are not able to figure out solutions for challenges then it may affect the market position and performance of whole enterprise. Good vision and proper management are the two main requirements to attain business objectives and goals. Visionary and managerial leadership styles are the two tools that may help an organisation to form strategies and decisions because if both of them are followed in the enterprise then it may result in strategic leadership (Ng and Sears, 2012).


From the above essay it has been concluded that strategic leadership refers to the quality of managers and top management group of an organisation who is responsible to form strategic decisions for the business issues. It is very important for the leaders to have some specific skills that may guide them in decision making process. These qualities are focused, risk propensity, experience, communication, creativity etc. When a business entity is dealing with an issue then it is the main responsibility of top management group to find more then one solutions and then choose one of them that can be implemented in future to deal with all the business issues.


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