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Tour Operations

Introduction Tour operations have become the forefront of travel and tourism industry. There are various organizations that are providing the variety of holi... READ MORE

  • Published: 18 Dec , 2018
  • Views: 884
  • Type: Assignment

Aspects of Hospitality And Tourism

Introduction to Hospitality and tourism Hospitality and tourism business is a field of business where the services are being provided with reference to travelling services and accommodation. However, these sectors can help in g... READ MORE

  • Published: 27 Jun , 2018
  • Views: 3961
  • Type: Assignment

Hospitality Provision

Introduction to Hospitality Hospitality is a broader concept of service industry. It is amongst the most diversified and exciting sectors with an equal level of professionalism in the area of customer service. Basically, the te... READ MORE

  • Published: 25 Apr , 2018
  • Views: 5933
  • Type: Assignment

Entrepreneur in Travel and tourism

Introduction to Travel and Tourism Travel and tourism sector of the world is the fastest growing sector. It can be defined as travel for recreation, leisure, religious, family or business purposes normally for limited time peri... READ MORE

  • Published: 12 Mar , 2018
  • Views: 7072
  • Type: Assignment

Travel And Tourism Sector

Introduction to Travel Travel is the journey of people between various geographical locations which associates transportation to reach one place to another. Tourism includes activities which contribute effective role for organi... READ MORE

  • Published: 03 Feb , 2017
  • Views: 26435
  • Type: Assignment
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