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Business Assignment Samples for University Students

To analyze the impact of effective recruitment and selection of part time worker on the business growth

Introduction Recruitment and selection strategies framed by organization highly affect the growth of business in the digital world. In order to better understand this concept, case study of Tesco, which is a larger retailer of ... READ MORE

  • Published: 18 Jan , 2019
  • Views: 102
  • Type: Dissertation

Communication Skills for Business Career

Introduction Communication is considered as the most important aspect for business without which carrying out trade is not possible. This assists in approaching buyers and retaining them for longer time span. Present report is ... READ MORE

  • Published: 10 Jan , 2019
  • Views: 187
  • Type: Assignment

Organization Behaviour

Introduction Organizational behaviour is effective mode to enhance interaction abilities of employees in the team. This study aids enterprise to operate better business in the nation. It is utilized for staff members to increas... READ MORE

  • Published: 08 Jan , 2019
  • Views: 510
  • Type: Assignment

External Business Environment

Introduction External business environment includes a range of factors such as social, political, economic, technological, legal and environment which put its huge impact on the development of various industries operating in th... READ MORE

  • Published: 28 Dec , 2018
  • Views: 544
  • Type: Assignment

International Business and Economics of Hotel

Introduction to International Business of Marriott Hospitality industry is considered as one of the major service industries that renders different services to the traveler and visitors so that they may enjoy their pleasant sta... READ MORE

  • Published: 05 Dec , 2018
  • Views: 1190
  • Type: Assignment
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