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Communications in Business

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Effective use of Advertising, Promotion and Marketing in Business

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Introduction to Communications in Business

In the current era of globalization, it is essential for each and every businesses to adopt effective promotional strategies so that products or services of firm could influence potential buyers. Marketing manager of business aims to adopt effective advertising and promotional strategies which results in focusing upon raising market share and profitability aspect of firm. Business needs to identify the needs of consumers and then implement appropriate decision making process in order to raise the performance of firm in market (Singh, 2015). Also, two way communication is being adopted by firm which results in developing effective communication among buyers and sellers. With the help of using effective promotional strategy, organization provides message and brand image directly to the consumers so that they get attracted towards the firm. However, the advertising and promotional industry is very wide in UK and each and every businesses uses the help of advertising agency in terms of carrying out marketing of products or services among target consumers.

Present report discussed about Marks and Spencer which is a British multinational retailer sells clothing, luxury food products and home products to consumers. Business uses effective advertising and promotional strategy such as social media channels in order to influence potential consumers and thus raises the performance of firm as compared to other retail businesses.

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Process of communication that is applied to advertising and promotion

The term communication is regarded as the procedure that is two way which assist the sender towards sending the message to the receiver and therefore attain feedback or response. Therefore in the advertising as well as promotion it is important for the firm to maker utilization of effective channel of communication so that target market can be attracted. Marks and Spencer makes use of suitable communication channel in relation promotion of its apparel segment. Further suitable channel would assist in raising sales and profitability. On the other hand major aim of conducting the procedure of communication act as an aid in making delivery of message to receiver and therefore offers feedback in relation to addressing the problems. The process of communication that assist in application of advertising and promotion in the cited business is enumerated in manner as below:


Marks and Spencer is involved in sending the message to its target market through utilization of suitable advertising as well as channel of promotion. It act as an aid in encoding the message in the form of tag line and therefore promotes the apparel segment within the market. Here, sender sends the message in the form of communicating with each other and thus carry out advertising and promotion so that information could be delivered to individuals.


Also, receiver influences through advertising and promotion at the time when they get attracted towards products or services. It is regarded as another procedure that facilitates in conducting channel of communication and attains the message of customers by means of varied channels that includes Facebook, websites etc. Under this the role of customers is towards decoding the message and thus makes use of the information so that it can be informed with greater ease.


It is considered as another channel in the procedure that assist in attaining the responses of the customers as the offered product meets their expectations or not. Through viewing the advertising and promotion it helps individuals to respond towards the products or services so that sales could be enhanced.


In the channel of communication, feedback is regarded as one of the most suitable channel as it assist the organization in getting the feedback in relation with launch of new product. Therefore Marks and Spencer makes use of feedback from customers and therefore lay emphasis on the same so that enhancement can be made within the product in order to make delivery of quality product to the customers within the market. Advertising and promotion results in gaining feedback that helps businesses to improve their product or services in order to attract clients.


It is regarded as the final stage. Thus it reflects that as the noise occurs because of unplanned actions conducted out by some customers. Therefore devalues the products offered by competitors. Advertising and promotion sometimes creates noise and thus it affects consumers as they are influenced towards rivals.

Organization of the advertising as well as promotion industry

Advertising and promotion industry is being organised in regard to identify the way through which business could use one or other form of communication in order to influence customers towards firm. Such industry also helps in attracting clients and thus carry out attractive promotion to enhance sales of firm. Within UK the advertising industry is very wide and thus it assesses that business organises effective advertising and promotion techniques so that product could be promoted.

Advertising as well as promotion is considered as wider industry. Therefore it engage several centralize system that is comprised of several creative and innovative individual for the sake of promoting the organization within the market. It needs such individual who are engaged in making distribution of agency and therefore makes promotion and distribution of ptroducts and services of various firm to affect the target market. For example, company recruit advertising agency in order to promote the products of several businesses within the area of fashion, technology etc. Therefore Marks and Spencer hires agency that assist it in making promotion of its apparel segment. They make adoption of suitable ways of promoting as well as distributing in order make distribution with greater ease.

The major aim behind hiring of the agency is towards creation of the unique brand image of the firm that contacts business towards making their product famous. Firm makes utilization of several manner of promotion like organization of international events and therefore launching the products over the big platform. Therefore Marks and Spencer make preparation of budget for the sake of advertisement that assist in making satisfaction of the requirement of the target market. Advertising and promotion industry is considered wider and therefore it has the aim of spreading the information and knowledge to the customers in relation to the products and service. Marks and Spencer includes several creative individual in the team and therefore it spreads the message in relation with the apparel segment for kids. It is significant for the organization to includes such advertising agency as it has suitable knowledge of the market and develops promotion campaigns that assist in communication of the information to the target market.

How promotion is regulated

It has been assessed that promotion has been regulated in UK through protecting their interests and rights that compels businesses in regard to use fair trading regulations. With the help of this consumers obtain true and fair information regarding quality and usage of products or services. However, promoting products and services it helps firm to regulate and control the use of media so that it does not lead to provide misleading information to clients. Hence, it is essential that effective regulations need to be addressed that helps in regulating the promotion of products by firm so that appropriate information is being provided to clients. Advertising and promotion activities are being regulated by different regulatory authorities so that it does not impact the operations of firm in market. M&S advertisements are also regulated under such legislation so that it does not impact any individual, business etc. Carrying out regulation on promotional activities depends upon the level of risk and the factors that impacts the business operations in market. Business need to follow advertising and promotion regulation so that consumers interest could be protected as well as competitors could also be safeguarded (Galati, Crescimanno and Tinervia, 2014). M&S undertakes promotion regulation so that it helps them to identify the market conditions and then produce advertising campaign so that sales and profitability could be raised. Moreover, regulatory authorities undertake certain acts such as Consumer Rights Act, Advertising Standards Authority Act etc. which regulates the promotional campaign so that business functions could be carried out. Below discussed are the regulation that impacts upon advertising and promotion within firm-

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Committee of advertising practice

Within such regulation it regulates promotion in relation to broadcast the message to consumers. Therefore, it is essential for M&S to undertake such regulation so that it does not impact upon the promotion of firm to other rivals and consumers.

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Moreover, promotion is regulated in terms of carrying out advertising standards authority and thus UK government authorities regulates such act in order to maintain standards so that it does not impact upon the business functions. Also, it helps in regulating the complaints of customers regarding the promotion of products or services of M&S and thus safeguard customers from misleading information.

Current trends in advertising and promotion including the impact of ICT

Following are the different current trends in advertising and promotion such as-

Video advertising

Such type of changes are introduced by the marketers of M&S in order to influence customers towards firm. However, mobile advertising has been flourished at high speed and thus it brings effective change in advertising and promotion of firm.

Online advertising

It is another trend within advertising and promotion industry that helps firm to produce online advertising and thus create websites that promotes products or services online. It is the best way through which marketers uses effective strategy so that consumers could be attracted towards firm.

Mobile marketing

It is also recent trend in advertising and promotion so that business uses mobile marketing technology as each and every consumer uses smartphones and thus provide them information directly upon their handset.

Further, the impact of ICT is also being assessed and identify that promotional activities are being done in regard to assist consumers and protect them from buying products through social media. ICT also impacts upon internet and different channels of communication in regard to provide security of payments and other delivery terms so that M&S uses online and mobile advertising so that sales could be enhanced.

In the current era of digitalization, businesses are using effective advertising and promotion in order to promote products or services in market. However, the current trends in advertising and promotion are rapidly increasing due to raising the number of buyers. Technology also plays a crucial role in promoting products and thus businesses uses effective Information and Communication technology in regard to enhance the advertisement and promotion of products. M&S adopts innovative technology i.e. ICT and thus it impacts upon business performance in terms of raising market share in apparel segment. Business is focusing upon introducing innovative technology and thus ICT impacts upon its performance in terms of raising the sales and market share. As per the current trends, each and every businesses are focusing upon using innovative technology in order to promote their goods in market and expand its business in international market.

Furthermore, another current trend in advertising and promotion is using social media websites as they are mostly used by every consumers and thus, it helps in influencing them towards firm. Hence, it helps in improving the market share so that set targets could be attained. Also, M&S undertakes the help of varied e-commerce websites in order to sell their products and thus reach wide customer base. Presently business uses varied digital channels i.e. Facebook, Yahoo etc. for promotion and thus raises its market share in terms of informing consumers about their products or services. ICT is the best way through which business could raise its performance and thus influence target customers towards business and launch their product or services and improves brand image in market.

Creative aspects of advertising

It is essential for businesses to undertake creative aspects of advertising in relation raise the promotion and advertising business of firm. These are as follows-

Improving communication

M&S uses such creative aspects that help in raising communication in order to enhance customer satisfaction. Further, using such creative aspects it results in informing consumers about the products or services provided by business so that it can enhance business performance in market.

Creative brief

Here, advertising agency integrates with M&S in order to prepare creative brief so that they can influence shareholders towards firm and enhance investment. Preparing creative brief is essential for business that helps in informing consumers about the innovation and creativity of business as compared to rivals.

Online media

Furthermore, it is an effective creative aspect used by M&S in terms of promoting its products or services through different online platforms i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. Thus, it helps in creating and effective advertising campaign so that business aims to influence customers towards firm.

Advertisement copy

Such creative aspect is most used by business in terms of attracting customers. However, preparing advertisement copy results in attracting customers towards firm through showing ads upon television, YouTube, and thus influencing target market to enhance the sales.

Brand strategy

Here, M&S prepares brand strategy which results in influencing consumers towards firm and thus prepares effective brand strategy so that large number of consumers could be attracted towards them.

Ways of working with advertising agencies

It is essential for business to identify the different ways of working with advertising agencies and also assess the relationship with the advertiser-

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Setting obvious goals

It is essential for advertising to be very obvious within advertising agency and also organization if business is not able to use the goals the advertisement are likely to meet they are not able to get them organized using full potential. Also, it is essential for businesses to develop effective relationship with advertiser and thus attain desired targets.

Staying in contact

It is another method through which business could work with advertising agencies and thus develop relationship so that they both could stay in contact with each other. It also helps in maintaining effective relationship and thus develop ads and promotion to meet the needs of organization.

Different ways of businesses development


Such method is considered as effective and businesses such as M&S uses merger with different advertising agencies in order to bring attractive advertisement in regard to enhance their sales and profitability of firm in market. Thus, for this firm needs to enter into a contract with advertising agencies and prepares appropriate promotional plan so that they can launch their products and services to target customers. It helps them to create attractive advertisement by working with different advertising agencies as they appoint experts in relation to make effective sales and profits in market.


Further, it is another strategy through which businesses works in order to enhance their profit and market share. Through creating partnership with advertising agencies, M&S undergoes a contract to execute the promotion and advertising of products in order to achieve desired success. It is one of the effective way of working with advertising agency because, companies enter into the contract for both short and long time period in relation to make effective adverting strategies and use celebrity endorsement so that brand image of firm could be enhanced in market.


Moreover, it is another way of working with advertising agency and thus M&S focuses upon acquiring the advertising agencies itself in order to work for them for long term. Thus, it helps businesses to make effective planning in favor of business productivity so that business could be expanded in international market.

Role of advertisement in integrated promotional strategy

Advertisement plays a vital role in integrated promotional strategy which can be seen as follows:

  1. Advertisement determines fashion ability for a particular product towards the consumer.
  2. It shows strength area of a particular product towards the market so that customers could be attracted at workplace.
  3. Advertisement also boost credibility for a particular element which assist to attract customers.
  4. It is useful element that assist to outdoors promotions in effective manner.
  5. With the help of advertisement, customers are believes that items can easily search whenever is needed.

Advertisement plays very important role to make successful operations and outcomes at workplace. In this aspect, every enterprise can make their successful targets and goals to achieve high market share and profits at workplace. It also assists to promote goods and services which require promote organisation products and services. In addition to this, the company possess different types of marketing activities through business will achieve global brand of M&S. In order to focus on traditional advertisement, the company can use ratio, television and banner, etc. They can also organise events which assist to develop results and performance for managing business outcomes and performances. Online promotion is development of the enterprise, which assist to grow profitability and effective results at workplace.

In addition to this, local promotion assist to get retailer within the business environment for development of the company. Integrated promotional activities assist to get positive results and performance to promote products and services of the company. This is because, it includes advertisement through social media, electronic commerce and word of mouth. Thus, business will attract more customer and towards the business operations. In respect to meet with customer requirement, the company can ascertain results and performances at high level. As results, M&S can includes different activities to make promotion within the business environment. Further, achievement of marketing objectives determines variety of integrated strategies and promotional activities. It demonstrates in marketing mix element of the business through the company can focus on 4 ps of the company.

In this way, the company can produce effective results and performance to communicate message with customer. It demonstrates features and positive outcomes at workplace for development of the company and its operations. Thus, the chosen firm will get their targets and goals which ascertain through making results and performances at high level.

Explains branding and show how it is used to make strengthen the chosen business

Branding is very useful element which assist to determine effective features of products through title, sign, symbol and combination of these all elements. It can be classified in services of merchant in retailer aspect to make distinguish between services of other competitors. Branding has been used in following aspects:

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  1. It is used in carry confirming organisation credibility that improves belief of customers towards the organisation.
  2. It delivers clear content that provides relevant results in products and services.
  3. It is helpful to connect targets of the business that major maintains targets prospects which could be used by customers.
  4. In addition to this, branding is also useful to motivate consumer for purchasing particular products and services within M&S.

Branding is also essential element of the company which demonstrate core value within the organisation. In this aspect, M&S need to concentrate on trust and loyalty towards their customer. As results, they can promote their strength which make goodwill of the enterprise. Productivity of the business and its operations also enhance with increasing brand value. Thus, the chosen enterprise has responsibility to attracts potential customer towards the company and its operations. Further, branding can also enhance through taking ideas and opinion from customer towards the outcomes and performance of the enterprise. This is because, when the business assess their customer and their requirement, they can easily promote to their business services and results at workplace. In this way, they can enhance their outcomes and performance according to customer requirement and needs so that it is beneficial to demonstrate various benefits.

In addition to this, branding also encourage build trust and goodwill of the company which make effective results and performance at workplace. In this way, M&S can work on the operations which require perform effectively at workplace. It will assist to make positive results and performance which acquire for development. When the company focus on their development, they can easily determine effective operations through symbol, sign and logo. Thus, it also attracts to the customer towards the company. As results, they will easily make effective results and performances at workplace. It increases brand value of the enterprise through consider competition at workplace. It also creates opportunity to make effective results and performance for creating positive results. Strong brand is also important to recognition and maintain trust which can support to brand value of the enterprise. It builds financial of the chosen firm for development.

Primary techniques of below-the-line promotion and how it is used for integrated promotional strategy

Below the line can be demonstrate as the type of promotional techniques which assist to create positive results and outcomes at workplace. In addition to this, it is also demonstrated promotion within M&S for considering effective results. In this way, the company can use different types of promotional techniques such as newspapers, radio and television, etc. In this context, there are also different types of strategies which can be follow by the chosen enterprise which below-the-line. They are as follows:


In this strategy, the cited firm provides their customer discount offers which attracts to them to ascertain effective results and outcomes. It generally used to attract regular customer because they are purchasing continuously from the business. As results, M&S will easily get high profits and revenue at workplace through attracting them.

Door to door selling

In this way, the chosen company can make personal contact and interaction with people for development of the organisation. This is because, M&S make direct interaction with their customer at door to door marketing. Further, customer can clarifies their queries with asking such question from the person who sell the products. In this way, all doubts can be clear at workplace which are related to products and services. As results, the company can deliver effective results and performance within the business environment.

Promotional pricing

In this strategy, M&S provides their products and services at low price so that they can easily attract various customer at workplace. It assists to make sure that all products and deliver effectively and efficiently which creates positive impact on the business operations.

Other techniques of below-the-line

In respect to make effective results, below the line technique has been used which are as follows:

Gifts with purchase

When customers of M&S get many gifts so that it encourage them to purchase and visit again in the organisation.


Coupons are take place behind the product or services. Coupons are found in online obligations so that it attracts online customers.

Loyalty gifts

Standards customers are found through special voucher and gift of the plan. In this way, regular clients can be deal within the M&S.

Beside coupons, door to door selling and promotional pricing, there are various other strategies which can be used by the company to attracts their customer towards the business organisation. In this aspect, they can deliver profitability and outcomes in the positive way for determines effective results at workplace. They are as follows:

Designing and packaging

In respect to meet with effective results and performances, the company determines their results through promotion. In this way, M&S took effective design and packaging to attract various customer at workplace so that they can attract different customer easily. In this aspect, goals and objectives are demonstrates effectively which deliver effective and positive results. This is because, various customer are attracts towards the company with effective and creative design.

Free sample

It is the another method which can be sued by M&S to attract customer at workplace. In this aspect, the company can demonstrate their results and performance through providing goods as free sample. It attracts to the various people for ascertain positive results and performance. Thus, the company can meet with their potential customer.

Trade shows

Trade shows are also useful to promote the business products and services at workplace. I this aspect, the company need to concentrate on quality and effective feature of products and services through they can meet with positive outcomes and performances. In this way, the company can provides positive features and effective results to attracts various customer. Thus, they will easily meet with positive outcomes. M&S can enhance their operations in new areas with the help of trade shows.

Process to formulate budget plan for promotional strategy

Budget plan assist to create effective results and promotion to determines effective results. In this aspect, financial plan is prepare T M&S to attain objectives and goals. Effective results and performances can be achieve through following activities:

  • Demonstrate objectives and goals of the company.
  • Assess future challenges that face by the company.
  • Make budget to integrate different activities.

There are several methods that assist to perform budgeting in effective way. In complete budget, integrated professional strategy and operating budget approach has been used in effective aspect.

Operating budget is determines as approach that is easiest and most appropriate way to develop ideas for budget with related sales promotion. Following steps can be included in budgeting:

  1. In first step, entire cost for making promotion has been determines. In this way, promotional includes in different types of marketing in term of production, medium of marketing and cost also calculated.
  2. In second step, costing has been completed with each transaction that made in organisation and agency as well.
  3. In third and last step, premier has been made with promotion which assist to compare planned budget and cost occur at workplace. When cost is very high, budget ought will be considered.

Development plan of promotion of the organisation

Promotional plan is very effective which demonstrate outcomes and performance in effective manner. It describes various activities and performance which need to be taken for developing ideas and operations at workplace. It enhances productivity and outcomes that determines to maintain profitability in M&S. It includes following steps:

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In respect to provides effective results, sales and promotion activities which enhance productivity and outcomes at workplace. In this aspect, various popular channels are used by the chosen firm for development of their organisation. It makes effective products and services which describes various features and outcomes at workplace. It assists to enhance profitability and revenue at workplace.

Sales promotion

Sales promotion activities are assist to develop results and performance with making incentives programs. In this way, encourage to customer can make which determines effective results and performances within the company.

Social media promotion

Social media promotion activities assist to enhance market share and profitability at workplace through different electronic media elements. In this aspect, M&S can promote their products and services with the help of internet such as Facebook, Twitter and you tube, etc. As results, they will meet with demand and requirement of customer at workplace.

Public relationship

Public relationship determines results and performance with making relationship with people. In this way, sustainable efforts are made which maintains mutual understanding between M&S and their customer.

Integrated plan with promotional activities

In respect to meet with business objectives and goals, integrates plan is made at workplace. Achieving marketing objectives require various types of integrated strategies which take very important part within the enterprise. Promotion is very important part at workplace which combines through marketing mix of 4ps. In this way, promotion category is focusing on strategies which is used to provide such information’s and outcomes within M&S. Thus, they will easily promote to apparel products with segment it into different customer base. There are different types of strategies take place which make integrated plan at workplace. They are as follows:


Advertisement assists to promote the operations and outcomes at workplace through demonstrating profits. In this way, M&S can promote their products and services through taking advertisement in newspaper, radio and many other aspects. Thus, they will easily capture whole market and maintain profitability at workplace.

Personal selling

Personal selling also takes important place which demonstrate interaction with various people at workplace. In this way, the company can promote their products through assessing customer requirement so that they are giving benefits of particular aspect at workplace.

Appropriate techniques for measure campaign effectiveness

In order to measure effectiveness of campaign of M&S, manager determines different types of techniques at workplace. It assists to create various advantages and profits within the enterprise. They are as follows:

Sales level

Sales level determines profitability at workplace to measure outcomes on M&S. In this way, the company analysis their outcomes from different activities. Thus, they will easily achieve target and goals at workplace.

Increase in demand

In order to make effective results and performances, increasing demand of products can be ascertain at workplace. It measures outcomes and performances at workplaces. When demand of the products is increase, so that the company can attain effective results. On the other hand, when demand is decrease, the company need to focus on different strategy through they can attracts more customer and make effective results at workplace. In respect to this, M&S will accomplish their targets and goals within the business environment.

Conducting survey

In addition to this, market survey assist to get effective results and performances through ascertain products and services demand at workplace. In this way, M&S can measure their performances through analysis market demand and outcomes so that they will easily create effective results and performances. In this aspect, the company can analysis their business performances through ascertain effective results and performances at workplace. It will creates positive results through measuring outcomes.


In respect to meet with objectives and goals, M&S should try to concentrate on communication level. It will assist to make effective results and performance which describes profitability at workplace. As results, business grows their operations with share ideas and opinion of different people at workplace. This is because, sharing ideas and views create effective results through ascertaining effective and positive results at workplace.


In respect to meet with positive results, there are different techniques which enhance outcomes of the company. With the help of public relationship, the cited firm encourage customer towards the organisation. This is because; it meets with face to face interaction at workplace.


Communication determines effective results for enhance profits and revenue at workplace. Thus, M&S can operate their functions and operations for enhance profitability at workplace. Due to interaction with various people, positive outcomes can be made at workplace. Communication promote to business activity through making interaction among various people who can share their ideas and view for delivering results and performances.


According to Waheed and Yang, (2017), it can be stated that advertisement and promotional is effective strategy which demonstrate various benefits at workplace. In this way, M&S can make their brand reputation to meet with effective results and performance at workplace. As results, potential customer attracts towards the enterprise. In this way, goodwill of the company can be enhance which determines positive results and outcomes.


In respect to meet with business objectives and goals, manager of the chosen organisation has responsibility to ascertain effective results and objectives, they have to assign right duty and responsibility to each person at workplace of M&S. As results, they will get more money and profits for attain goals and targets. As per the qualities and interest areas, they have to consider roles within the organisation. Thus, business goals and objectives are ascertained for development of the enterprise and performances.


Creative thinking determines various ideas, views and many other elements which demonstrate effective results and performances at workplace. With the help of development, image of external object can be consider at workplace of M&S. Thus, they will easily promote to their business and operations for developing ideas and opinion.


To survive within the business environment, advertisement and promotion assist to make effective results and promotion at workplace. In this way, M&S promoted through different activities and goals which ascertain effective results at workplace. Furthermore, report summarized about promotional activities which are used by the company to make effective results and outcomes at workplace. Moreover, it includes plan which demonstrate outcomes and promotion with different activities which require ascertain effective results at workplace. In addition to this, the chosen organisation needs to choose right strategy for determine profitability at workplace. In this aspect, business will easily achieve their goals and objectives at workplace. In addition to this, report also concluded about ideas and opportunity which assist to overcome problems and issues of the enterprise. At last report ascertain development plan for accomplish their targets and goals in effective manner. As results, the company can use different types of techniques which made effective results and performances at workplace.


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