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Rural and Remote Area Nursing

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Report on Rural and Remote Area Nursing

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It can be assessed that sun exposure and skin protection is considered as one of the major issue impacting upon the health of people especially the Australian farmers. Exposure from the sun causes skin damage and enhances the risk for developing skin cancer. However, Australia has reached to the highest rate in skin cancer disease globally (Jeffery, C. A and et. al., 2014). Also, it has been identified that farmers receives at least three times the UV exposure as compared to indoor workers. Thus, health care services have been increased in particular country and farmers are asked to wear a UV measuring device on their forehead during the whole European summer. Main effects to farmers of the sun exposure was between 12-4 pm when farmers carry out the activity such as mustering cattle and fixing fences.

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Skin protection is considered as one of the major issue impacting upon the health of Australian farmers and thus overcome such risk by adopting protective measures such as appropriate clothing and UV creams would helps in decreasing the risk of sun exposure. Thus, government also focusing upon promoting health campaign and thus protecting people living in rural and remote areas of Australia and overcome their health issue. In the global world, rural and agricultural population are known to be at high risk for skin cancer (Hegney, 2012). Thus, Australian farmers have been reaching a higher standardised mortality rate due to melanoma and other skin cancers. Further, there are certain factors that may increase the risk of skin cancer such as UV rays and thus reducing such risk may prevent individual from such diseases. Therefore, Australian farmers are provided better control measures in regard to protect themselves from UV and thus overcome risk factor of skin cancer. Hence, it can be stated that sun exposure causes harmful impact upon the health of Australian farmers (Sato, M and et. al., 2015).

Care setting is focused upon delivering better care facilities to people living in rural and remote areas of Australia in regard to provide them proper care and support services so that they live healthy life. It is also essential for investigate the health issues within population i.e. Australian farmers regarding sun exposure and skin protection issues that impacts the health of farmers (Boehm, Franklin and King, 2014). Therefore, HSC plays as crucial role in providing care to farmers and inform them different ways of protecting themselves from the rays of sun so that it could not harm their skin. Following are the different risk factors for sun exposure such as Fair skin, Sunburns, Excessive sun exposure, Sunny or high altitude climates and Skin cancer.

UV light is a major risk factor that affects an individual's chance of getting a disease such as cancer. Through run rays skin cancer is caused and thus therefore nursing is remote areas needs to be provided properly so that farmers can be protected from UV radiation. Excess of sun exposure is harmful for skin and main work of farmers is carried out in day between 12-4 pm and thus sun rays affects them. Therefore, it is essential for rural and remote area nursing to provide proper treatment to farmers so that they can be safeguarded from radiation (Jeffery, C. A and et. al., 2014).

Here, nurses play a significant role in delivering health care services to people in rural and remote areas of Australia so that farmers can be protected from prevailing health issue i.e. skin problems. Care home needs to give maximum care and support to Australian farmers living in rural and remote areas so that they can understand the ill effects of sun exposure and skin protection that impacts the health of farmers (Hegney, 2012). Proper health campaign needs to be launched so that information regarding health issues could be provided to people in regard to assess the risk factors for sun exposure within Australian farmer population and its impact on health outcomes.

Geographic distribution

(Source: Skin Cancer in Australia: awareness, early diagnosis and management. 2014)

It shows the number of doctors and nurses working in remote and rural areas of Australia so that health needs of farmers could be fulfilled. These are not sufficient as it is not meeting the requirement which assesses that number of doctors and nurses needs to be increased that helps in providing better care facilities to farmers so that they can overcome their health issue (Abdoli and Abdoli, 2015).

Sun damage among farmers is due to protonged exposure t solar radiation and is considered as serious problem for farmers. There are various risk factors that is significant for sun damage in farmers include long duration to exposure, wearing minimal clothing, white skin that burns easily etc. However, agricultural work also increases the risk of cancer mainly due to exposure of sunlight (Chuenkongkaew, W. L and et. al., 2016). Thus, rural and remote nurses and doctors are required to focus upon such health issue that helps in overcoming the risk in regard to deliver best care and support services to farmers.

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