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QAB020C413A Understanding Self and Others

University: University of Roehampton London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages 3 / Words 2500
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: QAB020C413A
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Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions like:

  • Elaborate interpersonal skills and working nature.
  • Elaborate effective range of approaches.


Understanding self and others is a observable fact of analysing and understandable attributes of others individuals in order to work with them. It provides help to the persons so that they can communicate with other people such as friends and colleagues in work place environment. The objective of this report is to make a reflective report which includes self experiences. This project report is discuss about various skills which are identified and recorded different entries in order to talk about its importance along with relevancy and contradictions. Apart from this an action plan is develop which outline the weakness and strength regarding personal development. In this file mainly four skills are evaluated along with three areas of personal development.

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Range of personal and interpersonal skills and knowledge required to work effectively with other

Personal development plan is spontaneous process of creating an action plan which is based on performance, achievement and individual learning. It helps a person to his professional, personal and educational development. I work in a company and in order to effectively communicate with other personnel of my corporation and I have some more skills which are possessed in me. Four skills along with its description is mentioned below in reflective personal development plan journal:

Negotiation -

Negotiation skill is important for a person which help it to resolve the differences between two or more persons. An organisation can accomplish its goals and objectives when its members has possess appropriate skills in which negotiation skill is very important (Negotiation.2018). It is the capability of a person to bargain with someone having needs, aims and viewpoints differences. It can solve the conflicts between the persons. It helps the people to communicates effectively in the work place.

Negotiation skills can help to a person to solve the differences among a beneficial comprise and loss. It shows the capability of person that how it can manage the situation of conflict. It is necessary for an organisation to have persons who have effective negotiation skills so that they can understand others and accomplish appropriate result (Lee and Ok, 2014).This skill is very important because it cannot be seen in all people and brings the confidence in an individual. Negotiation can be varies as per the situation and it does not same in all conditions. Another benefit is that through it conflicts can be solve so that chances of loss can be minimize. I chose this skill from all skills because it makes me able to take the decisions in different- different adverse situations. It builds my confidence and improves insights.

As per the views of me, my current competence regarding negotiation skill is around 52 percent. It is personal opinion of me because I get to know this through my friends and tutor. As per my friends and tutor degree of negotiation competence which reflected in my personality is above average and according to them I can convince persons in our group of members. As per my self assessment I get to know that I am capable enough to convince persons though negotiation skills which help me to prove my points in front of group members or team mates. The main reason behind getting 52 percent in this skill is that I have seen other people who have this skill more effective so I think there is chances of learning’s are more.

Above evaluation contradicts with my personal thinking and as per the thinking of my friends and tutor. They thought that I can not improve my negotiating capability more but I think there is wider chances of learning the negotiation skill and i know myself very well and I am confident enough about this (Rogers, 2013).

In future it is going to be very helpful for me and it take my carrier on another level of success. Through it my organisation is also get benefited.

Assertiveness -

Assertiveness is the personal ability of a person which enables him to express its emotions and wants without destruction of rights of others and without being more aggressive. Those persons who are assertive do give their maximum efforts to please others while destruction of their own needs. To the fear of rejection these persons only act to be nice with its friends but actually they have lost the beliefs on themselves. It is important for an person to express his ideas and thoughts in context to work in organisation. It helps to improves the image of an individual.

Through the skill of assertiveness a person can minimize or resolve the conflicts in company which are associated with the professional or personal issues. From the all 10 skills I select this because it s very important for an individual to keep calm and be optimistic with friends and colleagues. This skills maximize the positivity in me which help to develops positive attitude. In the organisation it is very important for a person be calm so that it can solve the issues which are arise in adverse situations.

The main motive to select this skill is to get build assertiveness skill in me so that I can change my attitude and improve my behaviour. In organisation there are various types of persons and they have different- different attitude so to fit in the culture of company it is most essential thing. It helps to build strong and healthy relations among employees & employers and employees and employees. It show that an individual is more mature and know how to behave with others in the corporation and personality of a person can be developed through it. As per my observation I found that my assertiveness skills are not properly developed and I have work a lot to improve this. To analyse the assertiveness I receive feedback from my peers and mentor and according to them I cannot tackle the situation of conflict and I lose my patience. I know this thing very well and my capabilities also. My personality has been influenced through it and I am not able to handle the situations which are adverse for me. In the situation of conflicts I got angry and lose my patience which can increase the issue.

Reason of contradiction is that because thoughts does not match with mentor and peers. I have observed from the above analysis that there is no contradiction with my thoughts and assumptions of mine and other persons also give me feedback about this.

Assertiveness skill can help me to solve the conflicts and issues in the organisation and work place as a result I can enable to handle managerial position. It helps to develop the confidence and positive attitude (MacKenzie and Francis, 2012).

Team working -

To work in a team is an interpersonal skill of an individual which help him to work with other team mates and accomplish the organisational goal. It maximize the efficiency of persons so that they can do their work more smoothly and timely. It helps to increase the productivity also (Maslach, 2017).

To work in a team is essential for an individual so that it can work in organisation for a long time as a result its coordination can also be enhanced. It is not an easy task for a person because in group there are various types of people and they different attitude and working style. So it is important to make effective coordination with the group members so that organisational goal can be accomplish effectively. In team work employee can motivate and encourage to the other individuals to perform better and also support them to works as per the requirements of corporation. All members give their ideas which makes the work more easy and smoother. The main reason behind this skill is to perform in good manner so that targets can be achieved which are decided by company for the team. It develops the strong and healthy relationship with the persons and it an interpersonal skills which is possess by a individuals (Marques, 2013).

Team working reflects the ability of an individual which help the organisation to achieve its goal and objectives. As per the suggestion of peers I review my competence and I found that this skill is up to average and according to them when I alone I perform better. But my personal views are totally opposite of this and I feel organisational goals are more important than personal goal. I have faith on me and I know my capability.

There is situation of contradiction has been arise because my opinion is totally different from the opinion of tutor and peers. They think I am not good in team working and I cannot perform with the group members. According to me companies development is more important and it is my priority that’s why I give 100 percent in team work.

Team working is essential for a company so that it can achieve its targets and objectives. It maximize the efficiency in my work so that my productivity can going to be improve as a result I can also learn coordination (MacBeth and Gumley, 2012).

Focus and attention -

Focus and attention are the skills which enables a person to focus and concentrate in its work so that targets can be achieved on time and smoothly. It reflects determination of an individual towards their work and it help him to perform better. It shows the mental status of people which help him to work with concentration and take effective decisions. It shows the commitment to do something or to achieve something.

Attention and focus is essential skill which can help a person to control its thoughts and get positivity in the behaviour and attitude. It is the need of today’s environment to be attentive and calm. It develops the insights in me and it develops confidence also (Knowles, 2013).To perform a task it is necessary that to make proper concentration and attentive so that work can be done in effective manner and defects can be minimize. This skills is not found with all people because it is not easy to be attentive and focued.

Mental strength is required in this skill so that it will give benefits to an individuals.

Attention and focus is help to a person in its personality development and it is a personal skill of an individuals. As per the suggestions of my tutor and peers I am more focused and attentive and I can survive in any kind of working environment without getting any problem. In the self assessment process I get to know that I have many strengths as well as weakness and I am continuously working to improve my weakness. I am agree with the tutor and peers that I am attentive and focused.

This analysis has been also been analysed by me and I reach in a conclusion that my opinion does not contradict with the views of peers and tutor. I possess this skill and through it got various opportunities to show my skills and I am satisfied with my this skill (Jackson and Hare, 2012.

Attention and focus is a personal skills which is possess by a person and it helps to groom the personality of me in current as well as future. In various phase of life this skills can be used and it help a lot and it is not restricted to an organisation or industry.

Range of approaches to develop self awareness and self confidence

Personality development plan is essential to make a action plan in which all required atctivities should be discussed and which are necessary to perform by the persons. After developing above those entries, I have analysed my weakness and strength which are essential to be ascertained while evaluating the areas of development (Cozolino, 2014).To be focused and attentive is my main strength which help me to build my future in right direction and it maximize the efficiency of me. There are various areas in which improvement is required and I will work on it so that it can be improve. Apart from this negotiation and assertiveness are also my strengths which provides help me to understand the perception of other persons so that I can improve myself. By evaluating interpersonal and personal skills it has been ascertained that working in team is my weakness and it can influence my performance in organisation and hamper the productivity also (Mischel, 2014).If I talk about assertiveness is my weakness as well strength and I feel there are various areas of improvement through which my overall personality can be improved and I will get success through it when I will work on it properly.

The above weakness and strength are analysed with the aim of ascertaining 3 areas which needs the development. Team working is the first area in which improvement is required. As from the above analysis I have found that my peers and tutor suggest me that I am not good in team working because lack of coordination. I can make request to my tutor to give me appropriate training so that I can learn management and coordination so that my skills can be develop and my personality can be influenced by this. My tutor can help me to improve my skills because they know me very well so they can give valuable feedbacks in proper manner. Assertiveness is the second area in which development is required so that I can handle the situation of conflicts in the organisation or work place. The third area of improvement is related to the negotiation skills and it is necessary to convince the persons and resolve the issues and protect the company from the losses or it can minimize the losses or errors. So there are three main area in which development is essential for me so that I can groom my personality and enhanced my knowledge. As a result I can achieve success and growth in life and secure my future (Chang, 2016).

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From the above report, it has been concluded that personal development plan can help a person to groom its personality and increase the knowledge which help it to make the bright future. Through this development plan and action many problems can be identified such as team working, assertiveness and negotiation. Weakness and strength can be analysed by the effective plan. From the reflection there are mainly four skills has been selected and for which development plan is made. Are you worried about assignment writing service in UK. Our experts provide the best writing service and assignment help.


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