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Motivation of Tesco Plc Employees

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What are the techniques used by Tesco for Employees Motivation

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Employee Motivation

Chapter One: Introduction

Motivation originates from the word “Motive” which means something that causes a person to act in a certain way, or do a certain thing. Whereas we can say Motivation is a force or psychological energy that initiates or even sustains our behaviour over a period of time.
Getting people to do their best work is the key to overall performance of an organisation and is called Employee motivation. It is considered to be one of the manager’s most enduring and slippery challenges. This could be attained by the blend of satisfying the employee’s requirements and prospects from work and workplace factors that facilitate employee’s motivation.

There is a difference between satisfied employee and motivated employee. Satisfied employees are happy and content with their jobs and work environment whereas motivated employees are passionate about work, committed to the organisation and diligent.

The project is about to review the critical key factors in the motivation of Tesco Plc employees. The topic was selected to understand and examine the role of motivation in the progress of Tesco Plc. In modern service industries, friendly, motivated employees who are willing and able to provide the required level of customer service can make all the difference between success and failure.

Tesco was chosen due to its rapid growth rate and being one of the best business to work for in UK. Tesco is the UK’s largest retailer and one of the world’s leading retailers. “Our colleagues are the foundation of our success and key to our future” (Tesco Corporation Morningstar, 2013)

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Chapter Two: Information Gathering

2.1 Sources Of Information

As per the requirement of the subject matter both primary and secondary methods of data collection have been used.
The collation of primary data has been carried out by surveying the employees of Tesco Plc. In this context, there will be an employment of survey method followed by development of questionnaire which will be used to approach the respondents. The questionnaire contains close as well as open ended questions.

Secondary sources of information have been used to gain relevant information about motivation, its different aspects and knowledge of Tesco Plc and its competitors.

The main source of business and financial information was obtained from the annual reports of Tesco UK Plc, Sainsbury’s and other rival firms in the supermarket industry.

These annual reports furnished comprehensive information on operational as well as business activities, through which it was easy to understand the actual motivational approach of the organization towards its employees.

The secondary literature puts forth different motivational theories which can be applied on the collected information for evaluating the business operations, with an intention of establishing the reasons behind Tesco’s performance in relation to its industry.

Other sources of information such as books, past literature, financial texts, company websites, journals and newspaper articles have been taken into consideration as well (Primary and secondary sources, 2012)

2.2 Methods Used To Collect Information

For the intention of collecting primary information, sampling method needs to be employed to choose relevant representative samples. Sampling can be defined as the process of selection of individuals from the whole population with a view to estimating the characteristics of all the concerned parties (Linderoth and, 2006).

Undertaking a survey of the whole population will entail significant cost and consumer a lot of time as well. In the present research, simple random sampling method has been employed. In this context, a sample of 50 respondents has been chosen to be the participants of research. These respondents comprise of Tesco Plc employees.

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Chapter 3: Theories And Development

3.1 What Is Motivation

“Internal and external variables which fuel the energy and desire in people to be constantly interested and committed to a job, position or subject , or to make an effort to accomplish an objective is termed as motivation” (Wright, 2007)

On the other hand, employee motivation is essentially the desire of an employee and his enthusiasm to work and incentives received by him for effectively performing his job. Employee motivation is a set of processes which are set up to increase employee’s morale by acknowledging and rewarding their good work.


Employee motivation is a crucial task for any company’s management. Early motivation theories such as that of Frederick Taylor advocated that increase in salary motivated people to augment their production. Nonetheless, businesses now require people to have higher motivation and a stake in the organization for which they are working as suggested by Elton Mayo. The core message that emanates from the research is that the manner in which people are treated by their employer exerts a great influence on their performance. Companies that manage their employees well have more chances to enjoy success and to grow as compared to those which do not.

Tesco is the largest retail chain in United Kingdom. Evidently, its employee base is also huge. Managing such a big workforce is not only challenging but also very tricky. It becomes quite difficult to pay attention to the needs of each and every staff member. However, prevailing over all such difficulties, Tesco has emerged as the favourite of its employees. The various reward schemes and attention to varied lives of employees out of workplace has gone down really well with its staff members. The people therein actually feel valued and enjoy substantial freedom to make certain decisions relating to their work.

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According to the graphical and mathematical analysis, it can be inferred that the business unit is striving hard to increase level of motivation in its employees. However, sufficient number of employees are motivated towards their job. The organization faces an issue in motivating staff who don't possess sense of belongingness towards organization. The business unit should adopt strategies that would result in increasing level of motivation among employees. As per analysis; employees feel that their involvement level within the organization should be increased. The business unit should work to identify areas where employees involvement can be increased. Moreover, it is through promotions and additional benefits that the organization is able to create a desire to achieve within its employees. The strategy in turn helps in motivating employees and achieving long term organization's goals.
The data for the present research was collected from both primary and secondary sources and a survey was conducted of the employees of Tesco.

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