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The Interview of Community Leader

University: Sheffield Hallam University

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Introduction of Community Leaders

In the current climate, debates on religion and secularism are frequent and intense in the British public sphere. The role of religion in society varies significantly across different nations, such as Muslim and Western countries. One of the major contemporary issues is determining how religious authorities will establish and maintain their relationships with civil society (Wilson & Bruce, 2016).

This essay includes an interview with Fr. Dinesh MacEwan, the Parish Priest at Christ the King Catholic Church located in Sydney, Australia. Fr. Dinesh MacEwan provides insights into the challenges and issues faced by religious organizations in maintaining their faith and practices within increasingly secular societies. The discussion sheds light on how religious leaders navigate the complexities of upholding religious traditions while engaging with broader, often secular, communities.

Way In Which Community Leader Manages Being Religious In a Secular Society

It can be said that religious organization is the complex of institutionalized roles and procedures that prove to be highly influential in regulating the relations of men with the supernatural order. But, it can be said that such an order may be considered. Under the same, regulation of religious practice can be involved along with promulgation of true and suppression of false.

In addition to this, policies and procedures for hiring and educating people along with professional social work of religious specialists are also there (Religious Organization, 2016). Apart from that, territorial and temporal coordination as well as the control of religious places, periods, and premises are some of the factors included in the establishment of this control in addition with equipment and such property and temporalities.

When Fr. Dinesh Macwan who is running the primary school of Christ the King Catholic Church in Bass Hill, Sydney, Australia is interviewed who follows Christianity, it was assessed that he has the responsibility to spread his religion but in a secular society like in Muslim country where Islam is being followed, he faces the major issue of being religious. As in this case, there are always some tension and potential conflicts exist in between the political and religious authority.

However, sometimes, these tensions prove to be beneficial as each party here challenges to become better in comparison to what they are in the current scenario. However, most of the times, they prove to be very dangerous as when one corrupts the other and make it worse, it leads to create violence. In this case, it has been assessed from the interview that Fr. Dinesh Macwan who works in Christ the King Catholic Church faces issues by the side of political science authorities who follow Islam as he desires to have a monopoly but fear seeking a control of some vital aspect of civil society.

As the community leader does not have any kind of control or direct authority over political situations, this is the reason he needs to involve many indirect efforts by which Christianity can be spread (Nynas, Lassander & Utriainen, 2012).

Despite the wealth of religious scholarship, many studies have been conducted on the religious organization with which the way community leader manages being religious in secular society can be determined. In order to gain detailed knowledge about the same, sociological analysis proves to be highly helpful.

As per Fr. Dinesh Macwan who works in Christ the King Catholic Church, an interview done with him reflected that its organizational theory has very little relevance to non-Western religions like Islam as developed in sociology this is the reason to make people understand the working culture who are from Muslim countries is very difficult (Rosenak, 2011). In Western Christianity and Judaism, these are the religious roles and procedures that play a crucial role in constituting the articulated structures in line with the rise in the self-consciousness of people with respect to bureaucratic models.

However, Fr. Dinesh Macwan who works in Christ the King Catholic Church believes that even in the West, the level or limit of this approximation is not so high because of the inherent nature of religious pursuit. As per the Father of Christ the King Catholic Church, the dominant organizational mode of Western society patterns can be categorized in accordance with affective neutrality, performance expectations, role specificity, even universalism as well as self-orientation (La Cour & Hvidt, 2010). According to him, they all are to a greater or lesser degree highly related to the religious organization, the roles played by it along with relationships and values that it maintain with the community.

It can be critically analyzed in the words of Max Weber who has made a comparative historical analysis which although not specifically concerned with organization as such but gave in-depth detail about the way in which religious organizations following Western culture get affected through secular society, that is, Islam. Apart from that, there are many more typological studies conducted by Joachim Wach that remain outstanding works in this field. Fr. Dinesh Macwan who is running a primary school named Christ the King Catholic Church said in the interview that in non-Western societies like Muslim countries (for example Pakistan), spiritual activities are considered as one of the most important and intimate parts of life of the local community (Smith, 2015).

Apart from that, these usually lack an independent as well as an articulated organizational structure. However, he believes that the association between communal activities and regional religious centers is always strong is not essential. It is because; it has been witnessed from the interview that within the community, local religious agents always operate like Fr. Dinesh Macwan in Christ the King Catholic Church, and responsibilities performed by him do not extend beyond the same.

Last but not least; it can be critically assessed that family, kinship, tribal, local as well as national cults play a vital role in representing a high degree of convergence of political and religious institutions (Gregory, 2012). However, it can be said that such cults were found at a large scale in ancient civilizations.

Way In Which Community Leaders Deals With Any Negative Perceptions Of Themselves Or Their Faith In Society

In the similar way as that of issue of establishment, the general issue in which it is decided that whether people should be allowed to decide for themselves regarding adoption of a particular religion of not. In the present scenario, in interview, it has been seen that Fr. Dinesh Macwan who works in Christ the King Catholic Church has seen that religion has not given with much attention because of the reason of wide consensus on the right of all people to liberty of integrity or morality.

However, it can be critically assessed that despite of this agreement on liberty of belief, there are many challenging questions that Fr. Dinesh Macwan has to face regarding toleration and accommodation with respect to religious practice (Dillon, 2010). According to Fr. Dinesh Macwan who works in Christ the King Catholic Church, these questions are highly difficult as they involve multiple ideals that lead him to different directions. Some of these questions are related with the actions inspired by religion due to which they are obviously or typically unjust.

In accordance with the interview, the major issue or negative perception that Fr. Dinesh Macwan has regarding non-western country that follow religion of Islam is to decide the religion to which society should respond (Casanova, 2011). However, in reality, no one seriously defends the right to repress other people.

One more negative perception of Fr. Dinesh Macwan who works in Christ the King Catholic Church is that from secular society or from the religion of Islam, he has fear that is an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical terror. However, the course of fear is not sure and may be hard for the afflicted to sufficiently determine or communicate the source but, still, it is there in him which is not allowing Fr. Dinesh Macwan to come in favour of Islam religion and influence people for the same as well.

As per the recent scenario, it can be said that a specific phobia has gripped the Western societies that is known as Islamophobia and so as in case of community leader (Asad and et.al., 2013). It has been revealed from the interview that faith of Fr. Dinesh Macwan in society and negative perception regarding Islam is very high.

In the British nation where Christianity is followed, Fr. Dinesh Macwan who works in Christ the King Catholic Church is having high faith. However, with respect to the Islam religion, Fr. Dinesh Macwan is having an exaggerated fear, hatred as well as hostility towards Islam and Muslims. He says that because of this reason; many-a-times, unethical acts are done with Muslims like making biasness and discrimination with them as a result of negative stereotypes that also leads to marginalization and exclusion of Muslims from social, political and civic life (Tranter, 2011).

It can be said that people should keep their religious beliefs private as if they are not, it may lead to create various issues and thus, peace in the economy can get disturbed. Also, it can be inferred that in reality, Catholics are by far the largest religious group in the EU but they are highly getting affected by the religion of Islam as well. As per Fr. Dinesh Macwan who is running Christ the King Catholic Church, it has been seen in the interview with him that because of the negative perception of him, he conducts spiritual discrimination according to which he behaves in a biased way with those that follow Islam (Garnaut, 2011).

However, being the community leader of religious organisation that is based on Christianity, those who follow the same religion are the people for whom Fr. Dinesh Macwan is in favour. Therefore, it can be said that he is making unethical practice in the organisation due to his negative perceptions as well as faith in the society to which he belongs.

It can be critically analysed from the information gained from interview that community leader, that is, Fr. Dinesh Macwan who is running Christ the King Catholic Church should keep his religious beliefs to be private as it is a part of his identity and he cannot ask an individual to be the person without having this individuality. In simple terms, it can be said that; as Fr. Dinesh Macwan follows Christianity, he cannot force a person following Islam to be the Muslim at home but not in western societies.

Thus, it can be said that the government should make strict provisions so that societies can live in peace where all citizens belonging to different religions can live together without feeling biased or discriminated (Vertovec, 2010). Also, it is the responsibility of community leader to spread peace in the nation and change his perception towards those who follow religion of Islam and treat them in an equal manner as that of those who are following Christianity. Further, it can be said that for Fr. Dinesh Macwan, it is good to have faith in society but to have negative perception about regarding Islam is bad as due to same, many problems may arise in between the people if they would feel discriminated.

Way In Which They Respond To Changing Social And Political Conditions In Australia

In accordance with the changing social and political conditions in Australia, it is having direct impact on other nations to a high extent. In this nation, there has been the need of social change as the society over there is perfect as there were a lot of issues that ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, gays and lesbians, discrimination occurs against women, people living in poverty, etc. Therefore, government of Australia decided to bring some changes with respect to social and political conditions so as to make the economy stable and developed (Moser & Ekstrom, 2010).

This is the reason there has been emergence of conventional politics under social and political change according to which in terms of collective exercise of power, things can be done in a usual way. Another approach that nation adopted under social change is violence, that is, in the uncontrollable situations, with the help of military force, another country that is making nuisance will be threatened as well as attacked in war as well as taking the control of government over there (Wilson & Bru

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