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Sample on Mental health

University: University of Warwick

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  • Level: Diploma
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Introduction to Mental health

Mental health is defined as the emotional and psychological perspective of individual which directly impact their health, behaviour and actions. Along with this, mental health of individual also assists individual in determining the certain ways to handle or overcome the level of stress . Therefore, it is stated that it plays a significant role in the different phases of life from childhood to adulthood. Whereas, mental illness is contrasting with the mental health situation it is defined as the position that mainly results in arising the serious disorder among the individual. Thus, it directly impact the individual's thinking and behaviour. In addition to this, mental illness is also defined as the disorder which directly affects the health as well as behaviour of individual that might results in attaining high level of depression as well as anxiety disorder.

In order to conduct the successful research, it mainly focuses on referring the case scenario of Brown family. The case scenario mainly emphasizes on the Brown family and their family members that have certain mental health related issues. Along with this, it would also evaluate the different societal concept related with the mental health. In addition to this, it also measures various legal and political frameworks which are designed by the government to support clients in maintaining the mental health of the individual. Lastly, the essay will also results in exploring the range of strategies that would overcome the challenging behaviours of different family members.

1. Evaluate societal concepts of mental health

World Health Organisation (WHO) has introduced the key concept of mental health that clearly states the well-being of individual that support the individual to easily cope up with the stress situation within the individual. If the mental health of individual is effective then it results in performing activities which aids in coping up with the normal stress level. With the regard to historical, ideological and perceptual understanding, it has been evaluated that social concepts of mental health plays significant role in maintaining mental health and well-being of individual.

Through considering the case scenario of Brown family, Caroline Brown is 40 years old women with 3 children has experienced the state of depression as she constantly feels that she is not able to meet the demand and requirement of their family members. Along with this, Neil Brown the sole earner of family is also worried about losing his job as the printing business is not going well. Through reviewing the case, another member within family was Amelia as she was angry with her parents as they have another baby. Therefore, she spend her time alone in her room and surfing social media sites.

Therefore, with considering the case scenario it has been evaluated that constant development is witnessed in the concept of mental health. The historical concept within the mental health is that it becomes the key responsibility of medical professionals to deliver proper care to mentally ill patient as they conceive it as the disease which need to be overcome. In the historical perspective, it has been also viewed that mental health is considered as the medical concept. On the other hand, with the change in societal attitude and perception against mental illness, it has been assessed that the concept of social well-being collectively and positively helps the individual to overcome the mental illness.

It has been evaluated that to enhance the mental health of the individual Freud has engaged in three inter working human personality that is id, ego and superego. The foremost state of mind among individual is “id” that mainly relate with desire of accomplishing biological needs. Another aspect within the Freud structural model is ego that is related with conscience which mainly engage in meeting the basic desire without succeeding in attaining negative consequences . The last element within the model is related with superego that is engaging in interaction activities with other people. Along with this, it also restricts the feeling of id in applying societal values and norms. Therefore, the author Freud has also stated that all the three factors would directly affect in developing personality and behaviour of the individual.

Stigma is that when someone views other in negative way because of racism, characteristics and personal trait which may be a disadvantage. Further it can be stated that negative attitudes and beliefs for other people can have a mental health condition which are common. It can be lead to discrimination. Discrimination can be obvious and direct for instance any persona make negative thinking toward other is about mental illness. Stigma can penetrate the lives of people with mental health problem in various manner. Further, self discrimination is one of the process where people with mental health problems turn the mental representation about mental illness which is adopted by the public, toward themselves. Mental health stigma can be divided in different types that is social stigma which is discriminating behavior and prejudicial attitudes. On the other side perceived stigma or self stigma is internalizing by the mental health sufferer from their perception of discrimination. On the other side perceived stigma can directly impact feeling of shame and lead to poorer treatment outcomes. There is linked between racial discrimination to poor mental health. From the research it has been identified that mental health problems where shown as the significantly higher in racial minority. This mental problem related to negative thinking can be reduced if all people are treated equally.

There are some changes came from institution to care in the community because people now change their way of looking to people who are suffering from mental health. At the workplace, they are not treated in a negative manner. Along with this proper care provided to them in hospital so that they can overcome from their mental illness.

2. Common mental health deviations across the lifespan (Age related)

It has been explored that there are different stages or growth of individual across the lifespan which aids in attaining the common mental health related deviation. The different life stages of the individual include-

At the childhood or infancy stage

Children face mental health issues due to lack of nutrients and nourishment provided to them. There are numerous other factors that affect the health of kids. These include the relationship between child and caregiver, paternal and maternal health, nutrition, skilled and knowledgeable caregiver, etc. It has been recommended that such disorders needs to be cured at the early stages because it will become difficult to treat it later. Apart from this, some children even face issues related with developmental disorder that results in facing adverse health issues that do not engage in their growth. Apart from this proper care is needed to baby at infancy stage so that no negative impact take place on growth and development of baby. As per the give case, Emily was 9 month old and it was an unexpected baby. At this stage it need to proper care and love from her mother for mental and physical development. But her mother is suffering from dementia and she was suffering from depression. Due to this reason she was unable to take proper care of her baby.

Adolescent stage

At this stage many teenagers face stress, depression, anxiety disorder which is common kind of mental health issues. The teenagers possess such issues when they face stiff behaviours from their guardians. Certain situations also arises when the adolescent get into disruptive behaviour. Substance misuse and depressed mood are the major cause that leads to common health problems in the teenagers. It has also been ascertained that suicidal behaviour also persist in adolescent in which they commit suicidal attempt at mid twenties due to the uneven circumstances of life. Therefore, all these health issues need to be cured so that such cases can be reduced with the time. With the help of reviewing the case scenario, it has been assessed that Amelia at this stage is angry with their parents for having another baby that results in arousing challenging behaviour within her. Thus it lead to socially excluding self from their family members . Apart from this she also engage in self neglect activities.


Another life stage of individual include adolescence in which individual enter into the stage of puberty. At this stage of life style, individual mainly get the mental disorder related with depression, anxiety issues that directly impact their mental health and illness. In addition to this, at this age individual may also engage in attaining behavioural disorder that lead to common mental health related problem among the individual. The individual those who have attained the age of 10-15 years are among the adolescence stage. With the help of reviewing the case scenario, it has been assessed that Amelia is adolescent that might results in attaining the peak depressions as well as anxiety issues. As per the given case, Amelia feel that her mother is not giving time to her because of his brother who was just only nine month old.. She started eating less food and spend most of her time in room lonely. This directly impact mental health of Ameila and it leads to mental illness.

Early adulthood

Another stage in the life style includes early adulthood in which the individual is pursuing their higher education which leads to overall development of their mental health. At this stage, there is increasing independence among individual that results in attaining accountable for their own mental health actions and behaviour. In the early stage of adulthood, individual monitor and review own performance. By assessing the case scenario, it has been assessed that Thomas focuses on seeking help from the friends and family so that they can easily improve their mental health literacy.


Another stage within the lifespan include adulthood which is considered a key stage that increases or prevalence the different issues and mental disorder diseases that directly affect the mental stability of individual. Through reviewing the case scenario at the adulthood stage, Caroline Brown has evident the different mental health related problem that directly results in impacting their health and attaining physical illness which is likely to develop the symptoms of mental disorder. According to the give case, Neil Brown is 42 years old and he is suffering from great tension related to job which he may lose because business is not going well. He live far away from his family and didn't share his worries with his wife. Suffering from tension is also a symptoms of mental illness.

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Older Adulthood

Another stage in the lifespan of individual is older adulthood that covers the specific age group of 50 above. At this stage, individual or adult requires more care and attention as the illness might results in increasing disabilities. Along with this, older adulthood has also attained situation of dying and it requires optimum services related with proper care, treatment as well as medication so that they can easily cope up with the situation of illness. In addition this, mental health at this stage results in experiencing different disorder as illness that lead to physical illness as well as mental illness.

3. The legal and political frameworks which are designed to support clients

Through considering the case scenario, it has been assessed that there are different legal and political frameworks that are designed by government which directly results in supporting their clients as well as Brown family. The different legislation frameworks includes-

Mental Health Act 1983

The foremost legislation that is related with case study includes Mental Health Act 1983 that mainly consolidate different laws as well as act that are related with protecting the mentally disordered individual from the risk or vulnerable activities. From the case study, June who is 79 years old and mother of Jane who has dementia. This act is applicable and it supports in providing care and support to the patient who are suffering from mental disability. It has been evaluated that by implementing this act it support the individual and people that have mental health problems. Along with this legislation would also assist them in specifying their right related with assessing the treatment plan for overcoming the dementia as Jane is an old lady and she is suffering from dementia. Along with this, the legislation also focuses on gaining information related with treatment within the community.

Care Act 2014

Another legislation related with mental health which us enforced by UK government include Care Act 2014 it mainly focuses on imposing laws that are related with care and supporting adults within the community. With the help of considering the case scenario, this legislation is applicable in the situation as the Caroline Brown is having symptom related with depression and Jane suffer from Dementia. Therefore, legal framework would support in making different provisions that mainly focuses on supporting and safeguarding the individual from the risk of abuse. Along with this, it is also evaluated that implementing Care Act 2014 helps in making the different provision related with delivering the care standard and criteria so that they can easily maintain the health among different individual within the Brown family.

Children Act 1989

Another legal framework or legislation that is framed by the UK government includes Children Act 1989. The key purpose of engaging in implementing this legislation is to ensure that all requirements related with development and welfare of children within England is met. By considering the case scenario, Caroline Brown children Amelia and Thomas were not attached with their family members as Amelia was angry with their parent for having another baby. Therefore, for this Amelia socially exclude themselves from the family gathering. She gave more attention to her social life with the help of using internet. On the other hand, Thomas enjoy in the school and do not along with her sister Amelia as she spends most of time in room and moody. Therefore, with the help of implementing the legislation it has been analysed that it supports children of Brown family by imposing different provisions related with safeguarding and promoting welfare among children through allocating services to the local authority so that they may easily meet requirement and needs of children.

Mental Capacity Act 2005

UK government also focuses on imposing the act related with The Mental Capacity Act 2005 that is mainly applicable in the area of England and Wales. The key aim of legislation is to render legal framework that support the individual in taking decisions on behalf of those patient who are suffering from mental illness. With the lack of mental capacity they are not able to take effective and proper decisions by themselves. With the help of considering the case scenario it states that June suffering with Dementia would not able to take decision by their own. Therefore, with the help of implementing this act, his son Jane can easily take all decision on behalf of his mother. Henceforth, it has been analysed that implementing this legislation would also support client in protecting their rights and empower other family member on behalf of them. In addition to this, it has been also assessed that this legislation also allows in appointing trusted individual for taking decision on behalf of mentally ill individual as individual lack the capability of taking decision by their own.

4. Range of effective strategies when working with client exhibiting variety of challenging behaviour

It has been assessed that while managing and interacting with individual that has mental illness there are different range of strategies that must be used by the individual. All the strategies and ways supports in managing challenging behaviour and action of the individual. The range of effective strategies when working with client include-


Another effective strategy that used to overcome challenging behaviour of individual within Brown family include engaging in providing them with proper counselling so that they can easily change the mindset or mental perspective of individual within the family member so that they may easily deliver proper services to them. For instance, with considering the scenario Amelia was angry with her mother as she feels that her mother has no longer for her after the birth of his sister. Therefore, this made her isolated from the other family members and it also results in socially excluding themselves in the room. Thus, with the help of providing proper counselling or mentoring so that they may easily control her behaviour towards their family member and it also results in encouraging communication with other family members. On the other hand, with the help of assessing the case study, Caroline also experienced depression as she thought that she is unable to meet demand and requirement of his family therefore, counselling would support mother in changing their behaviour and mental attitude related with depression.

Open communication

Another key strategy that is used to meet challenging behaviour of individual includes enabling open communication with the family members so that they may not feel stressed or social excluded. It has been assessed that open communication would also support individual in maintaining proper relationship among the family members so that they can easily maintain health and well-being. On the other hand, with the help of open communication it is also assessed that with the effective communication Caroline Brown may not engage in the depression activity. In a society there is powerful negative stigma which is attached with mental illness. Our fear of mentally ill people also stems from out own inability for communicating with them and lack of knowledge related to mental illness. There are some important guideline which need to be followed at the time of communicating with patient who are suffering from mental illness. If is required to be respectful to the person so that make them more consider whatever we said to them. Further it is necessary to listen to them what they are communicating and try to understand them so that reality based needs can be meet.
Good supervision is critical: In dealing with adults who are suffering from mental illness it is crucial that they receive consistent supervision from someone with other professional and only legal people allow to have such kind of information which they need to working with them.
Monitor the level of involvement: It is suitable to offer some limited assistance to adults who are suffering from mental illness in the family of client. If is required that adult must know about the services in the community.

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Principle of person-centred care

Along with this, another strategy which can be adopted for managing the challenging behaviour of individual include engaging in principle of person-centred care with the help of this individual is been empowered and authorized in taking effective decision by their own . With the help of assessing the case scenario Caroline is empowered and authorize in taking decision for their children so that they may not feel neglected as well as it also supports in maintaining; proper health of other family members. Along with this, principle of person-centered care also support Jane in taking proper decision on behalf of his mother as she suffered from dementia and unable to take decision related with care and treatment by their own.
Engaging in social gatherings

Another effective strategies that is used for managing challenging behaviour of individual include engaging in social gathering and meetings so that members within the family cannot discard themselves. With the help of reviewing and assessing the case scenario, it has been assessed that Amelia has socially excluded herself from their family members and she spends most of her time alone in the room as she thinks that her family is not bothered about her and even do not care about her this lead to engaging in self neglect activities. Therefore, for overcoming this challenging behaviour it has been explored that they must engage in creating and organizing family gathering so that they may include themselves within the firm and this also results in maintaining effective relationship among each of them.

From the aforementioned essay it has been assessed that to ensure proper health and well-being of individual, it is required to maintain their proper mental health which lead to healthy living. Along with this, it also focuses on understanding and gaining insight knowledge regarding different stages or phases of lifespan that individual possess throughout their lives. Moreover, it also results in concluding different range of strategies that must be used by the individual so that they can easily manage challenging behaviour of the individuals which mainly includes focusing on application of principle of person-centred care, open communication, principles of autonomy and dignity etc.

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