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Hotel Chain Recruitment Skills


Hospitality industry is considered as the sum up various fields which includes transportation, Lodging, travelling, tourism industry, theme parks etc. This industry believes in delivering effective services to its customers which contributes in enhancing their sustainability at market place. This report is based on Hilton which a multinational brand in Hospitality Industry. The Hotel is operating its Hotel and restaurant properties in around 85 countries. Present report is going to discuss about overview of hospitality industry along with its different businesses. It also briefly describes about current and anticipated skill requirements in hospitality industry.

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1. Explore the different types of business within the hospitality industry and the diverse products and services they offer

Hospitality industry is mainly giving preference to quality of the services which are offered to customers as they contributes in enhancing its sustainability at market place. It can be said this industry is not only dependent on the single service for influencing interest of its customers but it also avails some sub services that can contribute in attracting customers. Hilton is one of the popular international Hotel that is mainly focusing on targeting luxury and premium class customers. As per evaluation, it has been analysed that Hilton is dealing in various kind of business within the hospitality industry. Some main among them are described as below:

Food and Beverages: In this, Hotel mainly offers food product to customers with in the building premises only. It can be said that Hilton is owning good quality of food in terms of hygiene as well as taste. This retains customers to remain loyal with the brand even if they are not using room services of the hotel.

Travel and tourism: This business within hospitality industry focus on availing travelling services to customers such as: cabs, buses and other mode of transportation that helps customers in moving from one place to another. Basically, Hilton offers this travelling services to its customers to pick and drop them from Airport, Railway station, dock etc for making it easier for its customers to travel.

Lodging: It means accommodation service that is offered to the customers for specific period of time that may be one or two or more nights. In relation to Hilton, lodging can be considered as the main service which is offered to it customers.

All the above mentioned different business of Hilton, it has been analysed that all of them are contributing in enhancing profitability of organisation. Apart from this, it can be said the Hotel also offers diverse product and services to its customers. These services includes Fitness centre, Indoor lap pool, parking, in room dining, complimentary breakfast and coffee, Bag services and many more to its customers in order to enhance their experience.

2. Discuss the contribution of hospitality industry to local, national and international economies

Hospitality industry is expanding its business very rapidly, it has been observed that its growth is not beneficial for them only but it also contributes in the local, national as well as global economies. As a result, it contributes in the growth of whole world with together manner. In context to Hilton contribution of this hotel to local, national and international economies are described as below:

Local: Contribution of hospitality industry at local level can be seen in satisfying needs and demand of customers. It has been analysed that this industry has enhanced satisfaction level of customers in effective manner and convinced them to spend on experience effective services as well.

National: Hospitality industry has increased employment opportunities for domestic citizens which will help them in satisfying their basic needs. It has been identified that at national level hospitality industry has created approximately 328 millions jobs in the world.

International: At international, hospitality industry have contributed in the enhancement of job opportunities by around 7 millions new jobs. Along with this, it has also raised overall world economy by approximately 3 percent.

3. An evaluation of how global growth, and uses of franchising and licensing agreements have influenced the development of hospitality industry and contributed to total economic worth

Hospitality industry have modified over all growth rate of world 's economy as it has adopted several ways which were helpful in maximising profitability ratio of the company. In relation to Hilton, it has been analysed that this Hotel have used various franchising and licensing options which have contributed in enhancing presence as well as footprint of
Hilton at international market. Along with this, it can be said that overall Global growth have also contributed in the development of hospitality industry as people(travellers) are now showing more interest in travelling visiting new places. This ultimately increases their interest in using services of Hotel and its other services. As a result, it can be said that it is increasing profitability ratio of Hospitality industry. This directly contributes in the enhancement of economic growth of overall world.

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1. Various operational and functional departments in hospitality sector

There are numerous departments present in a hotel which are responsible for its effective and smooth functioning. Also, they are responsible for day to day operations of hospitality sector.

Operational departments: There are four major operational departments in hospitality sector. These departments are further known as primary departments and are interconnected with other functional departments. Operational departments include housekeeping department , food and beverages service department, food production or kitchen department and front office department.

Functional department: Departments that look after daily activities and functioning of a business concern in hospitality sector are known as functional department. These departments altogether work towards looking after general and overall administration of a business concern working under hospitality sector. Major departments of this sector include sales and marketing department, personal and human resource department, accounts and finance department, security and engineering department and purchase and store department.

All these departments are generally interrelated to each other. For example, house keeping department co-ordinates with front office, human resources department, engineering department, purchase department food and beverages department and so on. Another similar example of this sort of co-ordination occurs between food and beverage department with kitchen stewarding department, purchase department , account department, sales and marketing and so on.

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These are various operational and functional departments in hospitality sector and their inter relationship with each other. This further helps in developing effectiveness in a business concern.

2. Different employment roles found in operational department in hospitality sector.managing-innovation-in-business

It is not practically possible for any sector of hospitality industry to run or function smoothly without human resource placed correctly. Structure of all sectors and businesses are different from each other due to their services and amenities. Most commonly present operational areas are defined as under:

Executives: They are generally most top level people and take part in decision making executives also undertake a lot of other activities as per organisation's requirements. Key areas which infuse involvement of supervisors are accounting, marketing and so on. These managers should possess excellent relationship management skills.

Front desk services: This is a very important segment as all guests and customers first come in contact with these employees. They should be effectively trained as they can easily make and break image of a particular business concern. As their first impression builds image of a hotel , these people should be well trained in communication and serving.

Housekeeping: This department works towards maintaining cleanliness in a hotel and also taking care about timely changing all basic amenities. This is mostly contacted department so people should focus on their time management skills.

Maintenance: This department requires people who are technically evolved and skilled so that they can address any complaints of clients on a timely basis. All gadgets have an expiry date and are prone to breaking down. So, hospitality sector should always have sufficient manpower in this area as well.

These are few important departments that or roles that are found in operational department in hospitality sector.

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3 A review of the skills gaps and shortages in such types

A skill gap can be termed as a variance in skills that are required for a job and actual skill which a person is having. Skill gaps helps a person to determine their skills and see where they are lacking behind. This is also beneficial in improving skills where they are lacking behind. Various shortages of skills are being faced by different job roles are being mentioned below.

Executives: Managers do not have proper relationship management skills and they are not able to interact with their customers.

Front desk services: People under this job post is lacking behind in written communication skills. They feel nervous while interacting to people of different culture. This also effect productivity of hotel as customer feel disappointed with their services and do not take interest for visiting hotel.

Housekeeping: Department of housekeeping are highly punctual in their work. They respond to queries of customers quickly.

Maintenance: Often employees under maintenance department, do not consider healthy and hygiene conditions. They do not possess high quality skills which are required by Marriott hotel.

4 An analysis of how skills gaps impacts on hospitality businesses and ways through which could be resolved

Skills gap has a great impact on Marriott hotel, as when employees do not have sufficient skills they could not provide satisfaction to guests. This lead to decrease in productivity of hotel as customers do not visit hotel due inefficiency of services being provided. It also creates a negative image about hotel in a market place. This also give competitive advantage to their rivals.

This can be overcome by giving training and development to employees. Through this they can learn and enhance their skills which can benefit hotel in longer duration as well. They should conduct programs which will allow workforce to motivate and generate profits for firm. Moreover performance of employees should be measured so that they must be aware of areas where they are lacking behind and can improve in those areas for a better performance.


As per the above mentioned report, it has been concluded that hospitality industry owns various kind of business within their premises only which contributes in the enhancement of profitability. It can be said growth of this industry is also contributing in the economic growth of the world. Along with this it has been observed that there are numerous of skills which are required by staff members of the hotel so that they could sustain longer in the same

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