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Management and Operational Process

University: University of London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Differentiate between leader and manager.
  • Discuss management structure of toyota.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A
Operation management termed out as the administration of the business practices that aids to create the high level of efficiency within enterprise (Berry, Broadbent and Otley, 2019). Therefore, management is crucial factor that main aim is to organized activity that aids to run out areas of managerial working. Thus, operations and management to the enterprise are significant factors that define as the process of administer and control the affairs of the enterprise. Therefore, main purpose is to maintain such business environment that aids to work together and also assist to accomplish business objectives effectively and efficiently.

The present report is based on business activities of the Toyota enterprise, this is Japanese multinational automatize manufacture and headquartered in Aichi Japan.Furthermore, study will lay focus on activities as role of leader and function of manager, application on role of leader and function of manager. Thus, assignment will demonstrate the appreciation of role of leader and manager within operation function of enterprise. Also, study will demonstrate the understanding of relationship among leadership and management.

Introduction to chosen organisation and its management structure

The present report is based on business activities of the Toyota, it is automobile manufacture that that produce more than 10 million vehicles. This also motivates the mass maket adoption of the hybrid vechicles (Calás and Smircich, 2019). This is firm that deals in services as financing, banking and leasding etc. In addition to this, the this is the motor vehicle btand that inclusive of auto-mobile, engines, commercial and luxruy vehicle.

Management structure of Toyota

The organisation structure of the chosen enterprise is mainly based on numerous operational functions of firm that carries out by entity accross the world. This leading enterprise follows the hierarchical structure that supports business objectives and staretgic aims to the firm.

Therefore, the main effectivness of the quoted entity in terms to maintaining the high and strong global presense that reflects the ability to maximize the capacity utilisation and efficiency (de Sousa Jabbour, Chiappetta Jabbour and Ribeiro, 2019). Thud, present organisatoon structure defines the arrangement and patterns in the firm resources and processes. 

Definition of leader and managers with functions, skills and approaches

Manager is defined as an individual who is responsible for administering and controlling an organisation and group of staff. On the other hand, leader is termed out as individual whose action is to leading a group of people. It is termed out as the art of motivating group of individual that leads towards to accomplish one common goal (Deterding, 2019). Therefore, management and leadership termed out as process that aids to direct, guide and also influence the workers of the enterprise to accomplish the desired goals. Additionally, it is termed out as the process of social influence that maximise the other individual efforts and also assist toward to accomplish long term goals.Order assignment help from our experts!

Difference between leader and manager



Managers to the enterprise mainly administers the current ways of working.

Leader to the entity high undertake the activities and innovates the ways to find new ways of working. It is art of motivating group of people that work towards to attend common goal. Therefore, leaders set the clear vision that aids to organisation with help of effective work process and builds morale to employees.

Manager to entity has subordinates.

Leader to the enterprise has followers.

Manager to firm needs to deal with the issues that are short term in nature.

Leader to the firm needs to put consideration on longer term problems that exists.

Manager motivates the employees to give best outcome.

Leader to the firm influence employees to offer best outcome.

Management functions such as planning, organising, directing and controlling

  • Planning- This is termed out as process and activities that needs to be taken in terms to accomplish the common objectives. It inclusive of the creation and maintenance of plan that allows to achieve objectives. Therefore, manager and leaders needs to undertake the planning that aids to accomplish desired objectives.
  • Organising- It is termed out as process that define the activities of the entire process and also establish the relationship among them. Manager to the enterprise works among group of individual and individuals (Gao and Yang, 2019). Under this, leader to the enterprise set the clear vision for the enterprise that motivates the people to perform well and in efficient manner.
  • Directing- At this stage, this is crucial to directs the operational functions, manage and govern them effectively. The role of manager to direct the workers to catty out the function that aids to bring systematic performance. On the other hand, role of leader is the ability that define firm objectives enthusiastically. They directs the managers to undertake those things that aids to achieve desire goals.
  • Controlling- This aids to determine the behaviours that aids to check the errors that aids to accomplish the corrective actions. It is needs to be done in term to minimize the gap between actual and planned performance. Therefore, the control in manager defines as the setting the standards and to measure out the actual performance to undertake the corrective actions. At this, the leader and management both plays the vital role to catty business performance systematically.

Hard management skills and soft leadership skills

  • Hard skills- It is defined as skill that is teachable and measurable abilities such as reading, watching and ability to use the computer programs.
  • Soft skills- This is termed out as traits that aids to make the good employee and theses skills can be define as interpersonal skills and these are inclusive of communication, flexibility, motivation and teamwork etc. Thus, leader to the enterprise must have soft skill to perform business functions systematically.Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Description on analysis of different roles of leadership and management by application of different organisation situation.

Being one of leading automobile manufacture, Toyota ensures to run the business functions effectively in any situation (Guo, Berkshire and Hermanson, 2019). Therefore, leader and managers of this enterprise needs to perform the business roles in manner that aids to handle complex situation that leads to impact the working of the enterprise.

Therefore, the varied situation that arise in Toyota are defined as

Employee conflicts- This is one of the common situation that leads to create the barriers that can hamper the working of the enterprise. Thus, changes in operational functions, policies and procedures of business enterprise leads to arise resistance among employees and helps to create the environment that carried smooth working. Additionally, conflicts within employees can be grievances between managers and supervisor of the enterprise. For example- Changes within working timings without any prior motive that leads to arise the situation that creates the conflicts among the employees (uo, Gu and Wang, 2019).  It can hamper the performance of the employees and might be affecting the working of enterprise. Therefore, the role of leader and manager in situation as are-

  • Manager- In this, manager to the enterprise needs to take the meetings with employees and must take immediate actions that deals with arising situation. Manager is defined as an individual that called out as to be responsible part of a company. He is an individual who exercise the managerial functions primarily.
  • Leader- They needs to calmly talk employees and this aids to understand their issues. Therefore, the leader must communicate the employees issues to the management.

Employees turnover- This can be defined as situation where the employees are resigning and living their job. Therefore, this affects working of overall management of enterprise that bring higher level of productivity. It helps to arise the situation of resistance also demotivate the employees that results in lower level of productivity.

For example- Manufacturing unit for the enterprise facing the situation as employees turnover with each passing year that results in reduction in efficiency of enterprise. This kind of situation can occurs due to improper hiring of the employees.

  • Manager- The manager to the entity must frame the policies that aids to hire the skilled labour workforce and must frame plan of actions that support to retain employees.
  • Leader- in this, leader to the enterprise needs to motivates the employees and needs to build better relationship. Therefore, proper training facilities needs to be given to support employees and enhance their motivational level.

Financial crisis- This is defined as situation that can be occur at any point of time. Thus, complexities within the financial crisis impacts the working of the enterprise in huge aspect. It brings down the profitability and productivity of the enterprise (Zheng, Wang and Khoo, 2019). For example- If the inflation rate rises then this also impacts the cost of raw material and process of manufacturing.

  • Manager- They needs to build the plan of actions that aids to undertake the plan and helps to control the experiences of operational activities.
  • Leaders- He needs to take the initiatives to build cordial relationship with suppliers and tries to negotiate with him to reduce the price of raw materials.

Define strength and weaknesses of differ approaches to leadership and management to draw conclusion that supports leadership theory.

The theories and approaches to leadership aids to conduct the business practices in smooth and efficient manner.  For this, leader needs to undertake the steps that aids to run enterprise practices more smoothly. Herein, different approaches to leadership and management outlined as-:

System theory- This is termed out as an effective theory that needs to be applied within the corporation and this develops the environment in which employer can perform business function effectively and enhance the firm productivity (Operations Management for Toyota, 2018). Therefore, the major purpose of system theory aids to develop unifying principles that integrates the business activities. In addition to this, it can be stated that Systems theory is a complex philosophy that put the major focus on interdependence of individuals within group to help understand and optimize the achievements of the system. This theory works as autocratic style and that has major purpose is to complete the working activities of Toyota within less time and employees must accomplish the project within set deadlines. Ask for dissertation writing services from our experts!!


  • This assist in undertaking identification of inefficiency within enterprise and must provide the ways that eliminate it.
  • It leads to timely accomplish the objectives in manner to increase business productivity levels.


  • Demotivate the employees as there is no any involvement of employees within the decision making process.
  • This follows the autocratic style of leadership and this highly impacts the turnover rate of employees and also results in loosing valuable employees.

Situational theory- This termed out as the adaptive leadership style. Thus, there is no any fixed style for leaders.  It will highly depend on the situation that assist the leader to adopt the plan of action that supports to handle the situation. Therefore, this theory is effective within Toyota entity and leads to perform under flexible working conditions. It is assumptions that is most effective style of leadership that changes from situation to situation. In order to successful and effective, leader needs to adapt his style and approach to diverse circumstances.


  • This allows greater flexibility to employees.
  • It supports in building healthier relationship among leader and employees to accomplish the desired level of objectives in typical situation.


  • It does not let to focus on leaders in terms to long term goals.
  • This is leadership that is mainly relies on to tell something to leaders instead of listening them.

Conclusion on how leader and manager impact on enterprise and suggest measures for future improvements

Thence, this can be stated that leader and management both are crucial assets to the enterprise. They need to undertake the steps that bring productivity and profitability to the enterprise. Also, leader needs to lead the people that can help them towards to accomplish the organisational goals. In addition to this, managers to the enterprise needs to perform their business functions as to conduct the planning, organizing, directing and staffing the business activities.  In addition to this, effective framing of planning helps to establish the plan of action that allows to coordinate the business activities in proper manner. Henceforth, manager is the person who is responsible to undertake the business functions systematically by application of suitable approaches.

Introduction to key operations of organisation

Operation management of the Toyota needs to look over to scrutinised the quality of the commodities. Herein, the main purpose of operation management department of the Toyota is to undertake the steps that aids to ensure within efficient operations of business. In addition to this, operations management of the firm is mainly responsible for manage the resources as well as distribution of commodities efficiently. Thus, firm's supply chain process and plan of actions plays the crucial role in undertaking daily operations. Therefore, major competitors of the Toyota are as Volkswagen, Honda, Ford and General motors etc.

Description on details of key operational function and identify role and responsibilities of managers in key operation.

Leader and manager plays the vital role in undertaking the business operations efficiently to accomplish the business objectives. The contribution of management and leaders are responsible to enhance the business productivity and efficiency that operates the business enterprise to operate working in global level.

Role and responsibilities of manager

Manager of the quoted enterprise needs to take the steps that effectively manages the activities of the enterprise. Thus, manger must be accountable for to enhance the efficiencies of business organisation. Manager of the enterprise must plan, build plan of action and delegate responsibilities to employees. The main role of management is performing is to take the participation in conduct managerial functions such as planning, organising, leading and to control the business activities systematically. Also, manager is responsible to articulates both long term and short term objectives to ensure the firm longevity.

Roles and responsibilities of leader

The effective and efficient leader plays the role as to develop the strong workforce that encourage the employees and assist them to develop them in professional manner. Therefore, leader must have clear vision towards goals and objectives of the entity. At each level of the Toyota, leader is placed as they influence the human force of the enterprise and this leads to enhance the productivity and efficiency.

Define the key operational approaches to operational management by considering TQM, JIT and Kaizen.

Operation management in the enterprise are considered as to be important area within enterprise. It mainly undertakes the activities as planning, organising, directing and controlling the business functions and to undertake plan of steps that bring effective performance. This is dynamic approach that analyse the operational working of the entity. Therefore, key operational approaches are outlined n in below contested manner as-:

Total quality management- This is termed out as management approach that mainly put emphasise on to build long term success through customer satisfaction. TQM is defined as management system that is highly customer focused and also inclusive of the continual improvement in organisations (de Sousa Jabbour, Chiappetta Jabbour and Ribeiro, 2019). Toyota adopts this approach as this allows to considering on exceeding customer satisfaction, to identity the issues, building commitment and to promote open decision making among workers. With help of this manager and leaders to the enterprise can identify the defects and can make decision that aids to eliminate it. This results in streamlining the supply chain management to improve satisfaction level of customer.

Six sigma- This is theory that is defined as disciplined, statistical and data driven approach. Therefore, it is the tool that aids to measure out and eliminate the defects in process of manufacturing and development.  Thus, Toyota must apply this tool as this have effective control over quality of commodities.

Just in time (JIT)- This is defined as system within operation management to undertake the plan of action that aligns raw material orders from suppliers directly with process of production. Within Toyota the Just in Time approach plays the crucial role as this aids to have systematic inventory management. Therefore, time approach ensures to conduct the manufacturing process of the units as per the set deadlines and improves the maximum level of efficiencies. This is one of the effective strategy as this lowers down the cost of inventory, enhance efficiency and reduce the wastage.

Kaizen approach- It is termed out as approach that put major emphasise over to undertake the steps that leads to change for better or continuous improvement. Therefore, this put major focus on its five elements as teamwork, to bring improvement in employee morale, quality circles, improvement measures and personal discipline (Calás and Smircich, 2019). This is the approach that put major focus over to embrace the small changes and to focus over to reduce the waste from all processes of businesses with use of five elements. Thus, main strategy of the Kaizen is to build the strategies at all the levels and firm must work together to proactively engage into improvements in the manufacturing process.

Evaluation of the impact of external business environment components that affect decision making

Toyota is operating business activities at the global level. This is the firm that needs to face the wide components of business environment components that impacts the growth and success to enterprise. Therefore, these are outlined as-:

  • CSR- The firm uses the approach of Corporate social responsibility to manage their business process in effective and efficiency manner. This is tool that has positive impact on society.
  • Culture- This is defined as extensive components. Culture highly impacts that how business function are best managed and that based on valued and prioritise. This has also huge impact on functional areas of marketing, sales, distribution etc.
  • Value and ethics- This is mainly shaped by social norms, cultural practices and also have religious influences. If the business managers, employers continually makes decision based on personal benefit may create legal liabilities for firm and can also affect productivity.
  • Sustainability- This is tool that aids to plays crucial role in order to gain competitive advancement. This allows to conduct better decision making.  Hence, it allows to maximise the opportunities and leads to minimise the negative effects on core operations of business.

Define how operational efficiencies can improve to successfully met business objectives

In today's scenario, the operational efficiencies of the enterprise must undertake the working as to planning, productive analysis and this also bring improvement by brining quality assurance within commodities. By integrating workforce and to reduce the manual processes enhance efficiencies and effectiveness of business operations. In order to conduct the effective operational Working, the entity needs to improvise the internal and external customer service. Toyota needs to undertake the workforce that aids to create the effective business process with employees and must streamlines the communication with customers.

Conclusion and recommendations for further improvements within enterprise

  • This is recommended that managerial authorities of Toyota should focus over quality perspective of the products. This leads to enhance the working of the enterprise and also improves the productivity as well profitability level of the enterprise
  • The managerial authority of Chosen enterprise should hire the skilled labour work force so that they can able to build the effective strategies and decision that support the firm in employee engagement. This result in to enhance customer satisfaction

From the above report this can be summarized that management and operational process plays the vital role to bring out effective operation that leads to accomplish organisational goals. The present study is based business of Toyota and this is leading Automobile manufacture.

Furthermore, study will outline the activities that aids to define and compare the roles and characteristics of leader and manager. Thus, assignment has outlined the approaches and theories to leader and manager that build operational working within the enterprise.

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