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Analysis of Safeguarding for People's Health and Wealth

University: University of Boston

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

Discuss Factors which may lead to Incidence of Abuse.

Explain Impact of social and cultural factors on different types of abuse.

Answer :


Safeguarding is related to securing people's health, prosperity and human rights(EURATOM and Renha Jr, 2010). Peoples are free from any type of harm and abuse by the persons and anyone else from the society. Disabled, children and older peoples needs safeguarding to reduce the harmful factors for them . This report is based on the Winterbourne View Hospital which is situated in Bristol. This is a private hospital which is working for mentally challenged and physically disabled peoples. In 2011 a sting operation is conducted by the television broadcasting in the hospital which is having video about the reality of the hospital. Staff members are abusing their patients and beating them. These all are very serious type of issue for the hospital and as well as to Care Quality Commission which is a regulatory body on them. This report is having focus on the vulnerable groups which are abused by the social workers in the organisation. Most of the patients are grappling by this odd and irrespective conditions which are not appropriate according to the standards of the Care Quality Commission. In these types of conditions several risk factors can impact on the vulnerable groups.

Explanation on why vulnerable group is vulnerable to abuse or harm to self and others

Abuse: Misuse of rights which are provided by the authorities is a type of abuse which makes a bad impact on the other person and on their civil rights(Whitmee and et. al., 2015). Each and every organisation provides some rights and responsibilities to a group of peoples to manage activities which is known as a management. So it is essential for them to use morale ethics to deliver their services in the favour of the clients.

In this case social workers which are working to provide services to older age peoples, mentally disabled persons which are not able to perform their daily work. But the staff members which are appointed by the hospital for take care are performing against the moral ethics. They are torturing their patients and misbehaving with them, which is not appropriate according to the law and Care Quality Commission. Some types of abuses are here which is included in the case;

Physical Harm: A person which is having power and strength to rule on the disabled and vulnerable persons can be misuse of their power and strength. In this case health care person is harming to their patients which are mentally challenged. This makes a direct negative impact on the human body and as well as on the mental level. So it is a type of criminally act which is never to be neglect by the higher authorities of the organisation(Davies and Ward, 2011).

Drugs and Alcohol: This is an another type of the abuse where a sledgehammer person is ruling on the cobwebbed which appetite a care from the others. Focusing on the case study an authorized person abusing a mentally challenged weak patients and giving them extra harmful drugs. This is an act which is conducted by the wrong intention of the liable person.

Sexual: It is a type of harm which is influence on the human mental, physical and human behaviours. Sexual assault is a serious crime which would be never neglect by the regulatory bodies and authorized persons. Care Quality Commission has to make serious actions against the criminal act.

Psychological Threats: This is a type of emotional, mental and as well as the physical which can be charged by the dominant persons on the vulnerable groups of the peoples(Yang, and et. al., 2015). So this act can be a cause of the psychological trauma and chronic depression for a patient.

Some points are here which can explain for disabilities of vulnerable groups which a cause for them to afford such types of abusive situations. Some points are here to explain;

Mental disabilities: In the Winterbourne View Hospital case, many type of patients are leaving here which is having a need of special care for mental relief and peace. These peoples are having mental disorders which has reduced their mental power to understand and analyse the conditions and peoples behaviours so this is a cause for them to be in such kind of pathetic situations. Older peoples which are living in this hospital are also having mental disorders to analyse the situations. Lack of mental power to understand human nature and human behaviours are making a compulsion for the older peoples and as well as to the mentally challenged patients.

Physical disabilities: Some peoples are having physical disabilities to perform their daily routine work so they are having a need to support of their relatives and friends(Parton, 2011). In this case social health care persons are Winterbourne View hospital is also providing care to the needy peoples. They are having some home care centres where disabled persons can live with a homely feel. But in this case study, social care person are misbehaving with them and abusing them. Most of the peoples are old, mentally challenged and physically disabled in the hospital, so they are target for the carer to reduce their outburst of their personal and professional life. Patients are disable to resist for these types of act so they are an easy target for the medical health care persons.

Understanding disabilities: These people of group is having less understanding abilities to analyse what types of behaviours peoples are doing with them(Sørensen and Syljuåsen, 2012). In this case study, a person is beating to the patients and other patients are laughing on them and no one is helping to them. So this is a cause for vulnerability to understand what's going on with them and what kind of effect can be on them.

Thinking disabilities: Most of the disabled are having lack thinking abilities to judge in between right and wrong so they are vulnerable. Mental care can increase and resolve the mental disabilities of the patients so organisations like; Winterbourne View hospital has to support their patients and as well as they have to increase their strict instructions on the carer to follow in the hospital to maintain a standard according to Care Quality Commission.

Factors which may lead to Incidence of Abuse

Some factors are here which may lead on this incidence:

  • Lack of mental capabilities: These persons ares having less mental capabilities to anlyse what things ares going with them. They can make situational analysis and they are unable to make decisions in between righ and wrong for them.
  • Being physical dependant: In the Winterbourne View Hospital most of the patinets are physically challenged so theya re having dependent on the social care persons. So this may be a cause with this type of abuse with them.
  • Social isolation: Most of the peoples which are living in the hospitals are isolated by the society and by their family persons because of their disabilities and diseases.

Impact of social and cultural factors on different types of abuse and/or harm to self and others

There are certain social and cultural factors which creates impact over different type of abuse or harm to self, these factors are mentioned below :

Education attainment : Education impacts the incidents of abuse and harm. As through education people get aware of basic rights of each other and they start valuing life of others as well. Education among people can be used as a weapon against abuse and social harm.

Income : Income level or lifestyle of persons living in the society also affects the level of crime and abuse in any community. Crime and abuse occurs when basic needs are not fulfil and this happens when they don't have enough money or income to satisfy their needs and requirements.

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