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CFPBUS004 Principles of Effective Communication

University: London School of Commerce

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  • Level: High school
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  • Course Code: CFPBUS004
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Question :

Assessment 1

You are the manager of Go Travel; a travel company business based in London and organises European Holidays. Business is thriving and you decided to open two new offices in Europe. The company have recruited local workers for each of these overseas locations so English is not their first language.

Opening the new offices Go Travel has received many complaints from customers who think that the staff are very unorganised and there is no communication between the offices. When the staff were questioned about this, they admitted that they try and avoid contact with the staff from the other countries due to insecurity about their language ability and previous cultural misunderstandings. The time difference between the countries has also made it difficult to maintain regular contact.

You need to implement some new policies in the workplace to encourage the employees from all the offices to communicate more effectively. You have decided to make the regular skype meetings to discuss company related issues and encourage better relations between the different nationalities.

You have decided to distribute some posters around the staff rooms in each country to highlight some of the issues that will be addressed in the meetings. The posters should provide images highlighting communication barriers and strategies to overcome them as well as showing cultural awareness.


Make a 2-page poster and accompanying notes to support the poster generating the logical explanations to the message. The notes should not exceed 500 words.

Learning outcomes

LO2- Identify the challenges and barriers in communication.

LO3- create strategies for overcoming communication barriers.

LO6- Generate the awareness of the cultural influence and communication and negotiation.


You held a Skype meeting for all the members of the staff and address serious issues and make application of new policies to make sure better communication between the different offices. You need to prepare the report which will distribute to all the members of staff and highlight the issues and proposed changes.

Your report discusses about the existing barriers and challenges in the organisation and provide techniques to overcome the challenges and build communication between different offices.

Learning Outcomes

LO1- Describe and analyse the purposes and principles behind different forms of organisational communication.

LO4- Implement the principles of effective communication and develop practices.

LO5- Elaborate the communication practices of the organisation.

Report Structure

  • Abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • Literature review
  • Analysis and discussion of all questions.
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • References List
Answer :
Organization Selected : Go travel company


Business communication refers to the procedure of sharing information between workers within and outside of organization. The good business conversation is how staff and management interact to reach organizational objectives and goals. Its aim is to increase productivity and improve business performance as well as reduce errors.

The current report is based on the Go travel company, operating its business in the UK. The company provides the best holiday packages for its large number of consumers.

This report justify principles and purpose behind varied types of organizational communication and also explain the principles of effective communication to improve practices. It clarifies evaluation of communication practices of others and themselves. Furthermore, the current study justified communication challenges between offices that affect performance of people and recommend strategies to overcome.

Literature review

Purpose and principles behind different forms of organizational communication

According to Ruben and Gigliotti, (2017) organizational communication is process of sending and receiving of essential messages among interrelated people within specific environment to achieve common as well as individual goals. Formal & informal, directional, external, internal, written & oral are the different forms of organization communication. The purpose of these types of organization communication forms is to accomplish task related to particular accountabilities and roles of sales, services and production. The purpose of using formal communication is to convey instruction, give orders and fulfil the objective of company through some identified regulations and rules. Along with this, the aim of using informal communication includes establishing personal contacts, making good relationship at workplace, sharing of information and motivating people by resolving their issues. Murray, (2019) stated that the purpose of directional communication is to remove barriers in conversation and improve relations rather than before in context of business. Furthermore, internal connection is form of organizational communication, that is used to assure that all the employees in firm has information they need to work towards and effectively achieve, a specific goal.

In context of internal communication, five principles will followed while communication, Be transparent, consistent, visible, genuine and fast. While communicating with other, person need to be honest. It is not been once a quarter occasion, send and start a blog that are not tied to major corporate announcement.

In view point of Cameron and et.al, (2018) workers communicate all day long at workplace with team members and other people, by using verbal and non-verbal communication methods. Every company had formal communication, think of organizational flow chart that clearly define chain of command and thus data flow. Completeness is the key principle of this communication form, content will be geared and complete to receiver's perception of world. The message will be based on complex and facts contents needs additional information or explanation. On the other hand Miklosik and et.al., (2019) highlighted that informal communication usually and naturally occurs unconsciously within company on daily basis. Principles of this communication form will consider by individual. Principle of clarity, message or ideas to be communicated will be clearly spelt out, it will be worked in such manner that receiver comprehends same thing which sender wants to express. In context of Directional communication, this will increased significance in firm as online communication become more popular. Consistency is the principle of this form, it states that communication will always be consistent with plan, objectives, policies and programmes.

Principles of effective communication to enhance practices

According to Schafer and et.al., (2017) principles of effective communication are a useful way to enhance practices at workplace. Completeness is the first principles of good communication, a good subdivisions of conversation topics clarify message as outcome of which there will be accomplished of what is said by the other. Second is Concreteness, the words used and sentence structure will be interpreted uni-vocally, nothing is left to imagination. Third principle is courtesy, in addition to considering point of views and feeling of team members, it is essential to approach people in friendly manner. Use of terms that show respect for workers contribute towards effective communication. Fourth principle is correctness, in written business communication, grammatical errors should be avoided, wrong use of verbs are not appropriate either in verbal communication. A right use of languages will enhance trustworthiness and staff will feel that they rare taken seriously by high authority. Fifth principle is clarity. Plain and clear language is characterized by short sentences. By avoiding parentheses and keeping point, people will get clear picture of content of conversation. Sixth is consideration, in order to enhance practice and communicated effectively, it is essential to related to target team and be included. By considering people into account, message will be geared towards them. The last principle of effective communication is conciseness, according to this, message is clear when it does not contain any inconsistencies and when storyline is consistent. Trenholm, (2017) contradict that without giving chance to say a word, person cannot be able to make a good communication. By providing equal opportunity to say and express new idea, people will enhance practices effectively. By listening to what other people are saying, leader or other workers efficiently connect with other team members. Content about how and where people communicate is being consumed that is the important factor to consider. To communicate effectively keep writing clear and use simple term of words. Communication will always be in simple words and language, ideas and thoughts is clear and be devoid of any doubt. According to the principle of consistency, process of communication will maintain consistency in objectives of business and their procedures, that means conversation must be in according to policies laid down for it. In order to make communication more effective it is essential to have clarity of idea, completeness and consistency and also to make suitable choice of medium. For example, manager within firm must make use of oral communication for workers and written for policy matters.

Evaluate communication practices of themselves and others

Communication is the process that are used to broadcast essential information, especially by means of technology or face to face. Active listening, adapting readily to any situation, keeping good sense of humour and being relatable are the most common communication practices.

Active listening is one of the communication practices that use while interacting people, it is a part of good communication. By listening, people can respect individual with whom they are speaking and hear & comprehend their point of view. It helps to enhance the ability to pass and absorb on data or information given during meeting. By adopting active listening practice, people will be able to provide listeners or other team members greater empathy & clarity.

On the other hand, active listening faces many logistics issues, one of the largest problem of this communication practice is disruption.

Analysis and discussion of all questions

From above questions, it has been analysed the formal, informal, oral & written and directional communication methods are used by company in order to share the most essential data. By following the principles of effective communication practices it is very easy to enhance to overcome barriers and improve communication between different offices. By using simple words and language while communicating with others, it helps to build better relationship and increase engagement of people. Offering quality feedback and listening carefully will help staff to feel heard as well as understood, this in return nurtures mutual respect. With workers feeling more confident in their work and in their comprehending of what they need to do, they can become more engaged within day to day activities. While adopting principles of good communication, employees will improve their productivity rather than before. When group members understand their roles and business expectations, they can concentrate more on their work and less on workplace problems.

Effective communication will be as clear as possible, it does not take place on their own. Careful planning about when, what, why and where to communicate makes conversation effective and enhance practices as well. Incomplete message and content create gaps that will be filled by people according to their personal perception. Senior always complete information that makes effective communication. With improved conversation, group members will be better capable to rely on each other.

Furthermore, feedback collected from co-workers helps to determine the good communication practices of themselves. It also supports to identify areas of further improvement. Active listening communication practices will enhance the performance of workers and help to understand the actual meaning of words spoken by other.


  • Lack of communication between offices is one of the communication challenge, which is improved by working together and understand perspective of other.
  • To overcome this barrier, and provide good consumer services, staff should consistently communicate and interact with their seniors.
  • Checking in with staff is important for effective communication in workplace, manager plan online meeting every few weeks to discuss issues.
  • By valuing and respecting employees, management will improve communication within company effectively.
  • Furthermore, to overcome challenges, HRM must implement some new policies and procedures in work area to encourage staff from all offices to communicate more effectively.
  • Having good communication policy in business will reduces misunderstanding and conflicts. For example, employers must cater their workers cell phones and other wireless handheld tools to communicate.
  • Go travel company are recommended to implement Zoho cliq cloud based communication system that enhance work practices and resolve issues.
  • The advantage of this system are their voice and video functionality that permit for effective collaboration and communication with team member at different offices, easy drag interface and unlimited usage.
  • It helps to reduce insecurity about languages ability and make it easy for seniors to communicate their staff from other nations.
  • To enhance active listening as communication practices, people focus on what other are try to say. People suggested facing speaker and maintain eye contact with them to understand content effectively.


From the above analysis, it has been summarized that by implementing policies and the Zoho Cliq system organization effectively communicates with its staff in different countries and provides better consumer services.

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