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Overview of Wholesale Stationery Market in Germany

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

Discuss Wholesale Market of Germany.

Define Customer Satisfaction. 

Answer :
Organization Selected : Duque


Duque is operating as a small family business in Northern France. It has been seen in the mentioned case that they do not sell their stationery items directly to the public. This project module aims to provide specific information about the wholesale stationer market in Germany that consist of detail discussion about the trends in the areas. Apart from this, annual spending on writing as well as drawing material per capital in seven European nations are shown through using graphs. After collecting necessary information about the stationery market analysis of last three year financial years of sales data are taken into account. Some discussion about, whether to make expansion of business in Germany is suitable for the company is decided to make use of pros and cons method. The overall analysis is done in reliable manner to reach at the mission that are set by the company (Silverman, 2018).


2.1: Overview of Wholesale stationer market in Germany

The report used to provide detail or in-depth evaluation of stationary market in Germany. It is used to present latest information about the market size and capacity, exports and import as well as turnover in that particular industry. It would also guide overall sales volume that allows Duque to examine the key drivers those are associated with the company. Retailers consist in stationary had adapt their businesses to stay changing market situation and structural movement at the same point of time. There are mainly three major trend that are operating to make impact on stationary sales in Germany. Those are discussed underneath:

  • Firstly, they are having ageing population with less school age children than in last few years. This has made reduction in demand for school products.
  • Secondly, it has been noticed that standard products that are easy to show and sell, like pens and pads are currently available in shops such as drug stores. This seems to be not new trend, but it is still taking shares in the market away from the paper products.
  • Thirdly, it is related with digitalisation of classroom with faculties are moving towards latest technologies such as tablets and not to make use of paper products (Bendat and Piersol, 2011).

Overall sales:

The members are trying tough to attain positive turnover with overall sales all around 3.5% during the initial stages of the year. The main key aspects which is adapting to the support of local market and having appropriate suppliers that can provide them sufficient amount of profit to separate them from other competitors. The internet has also make vital help in diversify the product range and make valuable suggestion for various categories. According to the MGCC report, it has been found that they are getting annual turnover of €14.8 billion annually from sale of stationary products (Wickham, 2016). With the total investment made on stationary market is recorded as €182 yearly. It has been notice that Germany is consider as one of the creative and innovative city and market brand that is having product and appropriate goodwill in the market.

2.2: Total Annual spending on writing and drawing material per capita

It has been found that this report is seen that the annual spending on all those writing material per capital in areas of Germany in taken into account with total of €35.2 billion as well as €8.9 billion in 2016. It has been observed that a total growth in stationary product and numbers are increasing continuously in every year. It has been determining that the market share was capture by wide range of super markets and hyper markets. E-commerce and social media is also increasing the market position of stationary business at large scale. According to the MGCC report, the need of stationary items is more high and have strong tendency to make utilise overall capital investments that are done within the last three years. It has recorded growth rate of 1.7% in 2015 because of bring image in the labour intend market.

Around 43million people was seen beyond level of 50 percent. As per the statistical evaluation, it has been determining that Germany is considering as second vast nation in terms of annual spending for writing and drawing materials [per capital incomes in the global market (Menke, 2018). Below mentioned the graphic presentation of business expansion strategies of Duque enterprises. Some products such as rollerball pen, mechanical pencil and other crucial goods are sold in Germany market.


Yearly spending (€) in billion















From the above chart, it has been found that most of the stationary products are sold in France and Germany market with the total spending of 35.5 and 28.3 billion annually. Rest of the nations are very less contributing in the overall growth of the company.

2.3: Analyse of Duque last three financial years of sale data (2015-2017)

(a). Table showing financial stability in respect to total sales in three year

According to the mentioned MGCC report it has been analysing that total sales incurred in last three years are taken as base for expansion plan in Germany. There is specific information about financial position of the company which is mentioned in below:

Product item

2015 Sales (€)

2016 Sales (€)

2017 Sales (€)


printer cartridges





general office supplies





low-cost printers





office furniture










paper-based supplies





writing/drawing materials





Total sales





(c): Calculation of coefficient and correlation

From the above scatter charts, it has been determine that the financial position of the company in increasing in each year at healthy rate. The correlation of sales data of 2015 and 2016 is providing 0.90088 and for the year 2016 and 2017 it is 0.847. The value in year 2015-16 is much closer the positive one it means that there is positive relationship in those two year. It is simply used to measure the value of r that used to provide strength and direction of linear relationship among the two variable on the scatterplot. It would be indicating that total sales record of Duque is delivering positive outcomes in terms of sales genareted from the stationary products in three years. There is great drownfall in the total sale volume during the period of 2017.

(d): Estimate sales for the year 2018 to 2019

According to the analysis of financial position of the company. The manager need to consider total sales done during the last previous year. The base will be taken as 2017 for making estimation of upcoming growth and stability in the financial position of the company (Stokes, Davis and Koch, 2012). It has been determining that there is increase in total sale with 2 percent on annual sales in each year. On that basis of assumption, the estimated sales are discussed underneath:

2018 Sales (€)

2019 Sales (€)















From the above trend line, it has been seen that there is continuous increment in every year in relation to total sale generated during the time. These results are collected from the all products that are sold out in the Germany market. It means that there is positive sign of growth in near future in case they are following right trend for the setting up their business for long time.

2.4: Feasibility for making expansion into Germany and global standard

It has been analyses as per the mentioned case scenario that Duque is usually carried their operations in Northern France. They have not gone across the border in Germany. In respect to deal with all the crucial questions they have decided to make a research by asking questions from various people in German and Belgium (Thomson and Emery, 2014).

According to the above pros and cons, it has been evaluated that there are positive outcomes which is being found in respect to making expansion of stationary business other valuable places like Germany.

The international standards that apply to Duque's activities

There are various types of international standards which are needed to be followed by every company before making any expansion plan. Some of them are discussed underneath:

ISO 45001: It is one of the effective and utmost important standard that is related with the occupational health and safety care of an organization. It used to provide complete framework for controlling and managing the prevention of any injury and ill health. As it has been found that there are plenty of accident seen at the workplace to deal with them ISO has introduce certain rule that are needed to be followed by each and every one of the company.

ISO 14000: According to this particular standard which is related with the group of standard such as natural organization that present in an organization. This would be very limited in their activities and make impacts on specific condition in the company (Teo, 2012).

ISO 31000:It is related with the risk management that is codified through the direction which are related with the chance of management. Every one of them are facing hazard impact on business administration that can be sort of results in connection of financial execution and common planning of management (International Organization for Standardization, 2018.).

ISO 26000:It is basically associated with serving social roles and responsibility which is having wide range of obligations which is one of the essential aim at international level. It is the intended for utilization that is being related with the public and private sectors in development of any nations.

2.6: Data analysis:

In order to analyses the mean value of orders that are received by the firm is all about the 240 pound. Hence, the account office must be retaining 100 of order in each month. On the basis of total 50sample and determine mean of 230 with the standard deviation of 43 pound. For this research hypothesis is being design (Jobson, 2012). Such as:

HO: As per this there is significance difference in mean value of orders that are received by the firm.

H1: In this, there is not any significance difference in mean value among the collected samples size.

Z-Score assessment: Mean - Sample size / Standard deviation

= 240-230/43=0.23

From the above calculation it has been determine that the correct selection of orders can be analyses by using below strategies:

P > 0.05 in this condition the null hypothesis will be accepted.

P< 0.05 under this situation the alternative will be selected or true.

So the results are showing total value of 0.23 which is more than 0.05, it means that there is no any significance difference arises in the project.

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Purpose of Resources in Learning and Teaching

2.7: Customer satisfaction

In order to make evaluation of valuation of system for their new business which is being related with the stationary business. They are planning to make expansion of their business in Germany for this purpose they are analyzing the financial condition of the company. While there are wide sorts of hazard that are associated with each one of the angle those are viable helpful in order to get more reliable outcomes in near future time. With the specific objective to make valuable incentive to divided section into a new market to keep in mind the closing aims to new doors that would be expanding common benefits for an organization like Duque. It is important to make all the products that are easily satisfy the demands of customers.

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From the above project report, it has been concluded that Donald Duque company is associated with stationary business item. They are planning to make expansion of their business in Germany market because of the huge market share and demand. For this purpose, an appropriate analysis is done on the basis of their total sale done in couple years' time. In this manner, certain charts are presented those are showing positive sign to make expansion in that particular nation.


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